Teutopolis Finishes With Perfect Season


Published on October 10 2012 7:15 am
Last Updated on October 10 2012 7:15 am
Written by Millie Lange

TEUTOPOLIS -- Teutopolis competed in its final dual tennis match of the season Tuesday and defeated Vandalia 8-1. With that victory, the Wooden Shoes end with a 12-0 mark.

"The girls played so well all season and finished with a good win," said T-town Coach Kaye Kimpling. "I'm extremely pleased with, not only how well the girls have played, but with their great attitudes and sportsmanship. It's been a fun one for me too."

The Shoes swept through singles play easily. Elena Breer, Holley Wright, Allison Vogt, Cheyenne Lueken, Kaitlin Deters and Ashley Hemmen claimed victories. Wright, Vogt and Hemmen blanked their opponents 10-0. Deters won 10-1 while Lueken was a 10-2 winner. Breer won 10-5.

In doubles play, T-town took the top two spots. Lueken and Vogt won 10-0 while Megan Miller and Morgan Drers claimed a 10-4 victory.

At Teutopolis


No. 1 -- Elena Breer (TT) defeated Hannah Blythe (V), 10-5

No. 2 -- Holley Wright (TT) defeated Karlee Brimberry (V), 10-0

No. 3 -- Allison Vogt (TT) defeated Emily Britt (V), 10-0

No. 4-- Cheyenne Lueken (TT) defeated Bailey Jones (V), 10-2

No. 5 -- Kaitlin Deters (TT) defeated Megan Dothager (V), 10-1

No. 6 -- Ashley Hemmen (TT) defeated Morgan Whitsel (V), 10-0


No. 1 -- Lueken-Vogt (TT) defeated Brimberry-Britt (V), 10-0

No. 2 -- Megan Miller-Morgan Drees (TT) defeated Paige Ehrat-Jones (V), 10-4

No. 3 -- Blythe-Jordan Boren (V) defeated Amber Kreke-Olivia Gebben (TT), 11-10