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Published on July 19 2018 11:56 am


As Luke Opilka sees it, things could always be worse when it comes to his hip issues.

“I have no more hips,” he joked. “Thank God I don’t have a third one.”

At least no more hips left to be operated on. The Blues goalie prospect has had two surgeries on his left hip and one to his right hip — with the surgeries performed in the spring of 2016 and twice in the fall of 2017.


“I don’t know how in detail I can go into it,” Opilka said. “But it wasn’t necessarily an injury that was the reason for needing them. I guess it was a structural issue, that’s why I needed to get these surgeries.”

All the flopping, dropping and squatting required from a goaltender has not been conducive to healthy hips for Opilka.

“The surgeons always told me if I wasn’t a goalie I probably would never have needed it,” he said. “I probably would’ve never known it.”

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