Effingham Red Tide Competes In Conference Meet


Published on July 31 2013 9:23 am
Last Updated on July 31 2013 9:27 am
Written by Millie Lange

Effingham Red Tide traveled to Charleston for the end of the season Swim Conference Meet against the teams in the Central Illinois Swim Conference Saturday, July 27. The top six swimmers in each individual event qualify to swim at Millstadt the following Saturday.

Conference Swim Meet Results for Effingham Red Tide

Conference Team Scores

1. Sholem Sharks                                        3088.5

2. Indian Acres                                             2500.5

3. Effingham Red Tide                                 2179.5

4. Charleston Swim Club                              1734

5. Crystal Lake Nadiators                              1645.5

6. Tuscola Torpedos                                        398

7. Lincolnshire Fields                                       283

8. Shelbyville Lakers Swim Team                    159

Effingham Swim Results

6 and Under Girls

Sarah Hirtzel - 11th Freestyle, 8th Backstroke, Mia Schwing - 2nd Freestyle, 15th Backstroke

6 and Under Boys

K.J. Kellams - 1st Freestyle, 3rd Backstroke, Tyler Sparks - 2nd Freestyle, 1st Backstroke, Joseph Tegeler - 4th Freestyle, 5th Backstroke

8 and Under Girls

Elise Passalacqua - 1st Medley Relay, 6th Individual Medley, 5th Breaststroke, 14th  Butterfly, 2nd Free Relay, Allison Geen - 1st Medley Relay, 18th Freestyle, 12th Backstroke, 8th Free Relay, Ella Niebrugge - 1st Medley Relay, 1st Breaststroke, 2nd Butterfly, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Lauren Schwing - 1st Medley Relay, 7th Freestyle, 12th Breaststroke, 11th Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Anna Hirtzel - 8th Medley Relay, 9th 50 Freestyle, 17th Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Olivia Copple - 8th Medley Relay, 19th Freestyle, 33rd Backstroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Athena Walker - 8th Medley Relay, 13th 50 Freestyle, 10th Breaststroke, 31st Backstroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Julia Kinder - 8th Medley Relay, 24th Freestyle, 13th Breaststroke, 15th Backstroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Bridget Sudkamp - 32nd Freestyle, 32nd Backstroke, 11th Freestyle Relay, Kaitlyn Budde - 33rd Freestyle, 34th Backstroke, 11th Freestyle Relay, Mia Schwing - 17th Breaststroke, 11th Freestyle Relay, Sarah Hirtzel - 11th Freestyle Relay

8 and Under Boys

Eli Aden - 2nd Freestyle, 3rd Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Aidan Braunecker - 5th Breaststroke, 3rd Butterfly, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Griffin Sehy - 6th 50 Freestyle, 4th Butterfly, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Cody Demers - 9th Freestyle, 5th Freestyle Relay, Kolten Tabbert - 10th Freestyle 16th Backstroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Austin Siemer - 19th Freestyle, 12th Backstroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Calvin Sudkamp - 24th Freestyle, 22nd Backstroke, K.J. Kellams - 11th Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Joseph Tegeler - 5th Freestyle Relay

9-10 Girls

Ellie Waymoth - 1st Medley Relay, 3rd Freestyle, 5th Breaststroke, 4th Backstroke, 1st Freestyle Relay, Caroline McDevitt - 1st Medley Relay, 5th Individual Medley, 2nd Breaststroke, 5th Butterfly, 1st Freestyle Relay, Kelsey Demers - 1st Medley Relay, 3rd Individual Medley, 4th Freestyle, 7th Backstroke, 1st Freestyle Relay, Olivia Eckhardt - 1st Medley Relay, 2nd Freestyle, 4th Breaststroke, 5th Backstroke, 1st Freestyle Relay, Payton Sehy - 6th Medley Relay, 11th Freestyle, 14th Butterfly, 23rd Backstroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Laurel Hirtzel - 6th Medley Relay, 8th Individual Medley, 7th Butterfly, 10th Backstroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Lydia Walker - 6th Medley Relay, 13th Freestyle, 10th Breaststroke, 13th Backstroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Juliana Harden - 6th Medley Relay, 21st Freestyle, 9th Freestyle Relay, Ellie McMannaway - 15th Freestyle, 19th Backstroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Claire Sudkamp - 26th Freestyle, 12th Breaststroke, 29th Backstroke, 9th Freestyle Relay, Payton Budde - 28th Freestyle, 20th Breaststroke, 35th Backstroke, 9th Freestyle Relay, Stella Passalacqua - 30th Freestyle, 21st Backstroke, 9th Freestyle Relay, Anna Sigg - 41st Freestyle, 14th Breaststroke, Chloe Aden - 44th Freestyle, 24th Breaststroke, 34th Backstroke

9-10 Boys

Tyler Stuckemeyer - 3rd Medley Relay, 2nd Individual Medley, 3rd Freestyle, 1st Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Kage Line - 3rd Medley Relay, 14th Freestyle, 11th Butterfly, 14th Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Ben Pitcher - 3rd Medley Relay, 11th Individual Medley, 18th Freestyle, 13th Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Aidan Lockhart - 3rd Medley Relay, 5th Freestyle, 16th Breaststroke, 5th Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay

11-12 Girls

Annika Koester - 8th Medley Relay, 29th Freestyle, 20th Butterfly, 13th Backstroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Paige Brown - 8th Medley Relay, 35th freestyle, 11th Breaststroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Savannah Grimes - 8th Medley Relay, 12th Individual Medley, 6th Breaststroke, 18th Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Zoe Bridges - 8th Medley Relay, 41st Freestyle, 31st Breaststroke, 22nd Backstroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Emma Pitcher - 6th Freestyle, 3rd Breaststroke, 7th Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Kristy Hom - 8th Individual Medley, 7th Freestyle, 13th Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Haidyn Lewis - 11th Individual Medley, 10th Butterfly, 9th Backstroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Hanna Lewis - 11th Freestyle, 7th Breaststroke, 10th Backstroke, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Eve Walker - 47th Freestyle, 26th Backstroke, Baylee Lefever - 48th Freestyle, 43 Breaststroke, 37th Backstroke, Alivia Shull - 52 Freestyle, 39th Breaststroke, 38th Backstroke

11-12 Boys

Tate Niebrugge - 2nd Medley Relay, 8th Individual Medley, 4th Butterfly, 3rd Backstroke, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Gavin Braunecker - 2nd Medley Relay, 1st Individual Medley, 2nd Breaststroke, 2nd Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Drew Perry - 2nd Medley Relay, 13 Freestyle, 4th Breaststroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Spencer Demers - 2nd Medley Relay, 10th Individual Medley, 8th Freestyle, 11th Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Jacob Herd - 5th Medley Relay, 16th Freestyle, 16th Breaststroke, 17th Butterfly, 5th Freestyle Relay, Kendall Tabbert - 5th Medley Relay, 14th Freestyle, 8th Backstroke, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Austin Huebner - 5th Medley Relay, 12th Freestyle, 11th Breaststroke, 7th Backstroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Dylan Marble - 5th Medley Relay, 15th Freestyle, 15th Backstroke, 5th Freestyle Relay, Seth McMurray - 20th Freestyle, 21st Backstroke, Caleb Schwing - 24th Freestyle, 18th Backstroke, Aaron Kirby - 30th Freestyle, 19th Backstroke

13-14 Girls

Claire Webb - 2nd Medley Relay, 8th Freestyle, 11th Butterfly, 6th Backstroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Brooke Stuckemeyer - 2nd Medley Relay, 4th Individual Medley, 3 Butterfly, 2nd Backstroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Anna Sophia Keller - 2nd Medley Relay, 7th Individual Medley, 6th Freestyle, 5th Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Nicole Homann - 2nd Medley Relay, 13th Individual Medley, 11th Freestyle, 10th Butterfly, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Grace Walker - 17th Freestyle, 9th Breaststroke, 11th Backstroke, 8th Freestyle Relay, Maddie Tegeler - 20th Freestyle, 14th Breaststroke, 2nd Freestyle Relay, Alivia Shull - 8th Freestyle Relay, Eve Walker - 8th Freestyle Relay

13-14 Boys

Tyler Homann - 3rd Medley Relay, 4th Individual Medley, 1st Breaststroke, 7th Butterfly, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Terrence Hill - 3rd Medley Relay, 19th Freestyle, 12th Breaststroke, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Holden Arthur - 3rd Medley Relay, 5th Individual Medley, 5th Freestyle, 5th Breaststroke, 3rd Freestyle Relay, Kody Line - 3rd Medley Relay, 9th Freestyle, 12th Butterfly, 3rd Backstroke, 3rd Freestyle Relay

15-18 Girls

Avery Braunecker - 2nd Medley Relay, 1st Individual Medley, 1st Freestyle, 1st Butterfly, 1st Freestyle Relay, Olivia Webb - 2nd Medley Relay, 6th Freestyle, 7th Butterfly, 7th Backstroke, 1st Freestyle Relay, Claire Niebrugge - 2nd Medley Relay, 6th Individual Medley, 2nd Breaststroke, 4th Backstroke, 1st Freestyle Relay, Karoline Pitcher - 2nd Medley Relay, 13th Individual Medley, 18th Freestyle, 19th Backstroke, Bailey Pitcher - 8th Medley Relay, 16th Freestyle, 17th Breaststroke, 1st Freestyle Relay, Eve Walker - 8th Medley Relay, Maddie Tegeler - 8th Medley Relay, Grace Walker - 8th Medley Relay

15-18 Boys

Colin Hecht - 6th Medley Relay, 14th Freestyle, 6th Butterfly, 9th Backstroke, 6th Freestyle Relay, Andrew Lagerhausen - 6th Medley Relay, 19th Freestyle, 9th Breaststroke, 11th Backstroke, 6th Freestyle Relay, Caleb Schwing - 6th Medley Relay, 6th Freestyle Relay, Seth McMurray - 6th Freestyle Relay, Aaron Kirby - 6th Medley Relay