Bulldog Bowlers Fall to Taylorville


Published on December 14 2012 6:40 am
Last Updated on December 14 2012 6:40 am
Written by Millie Lange

TAYLORVILLE -- The St. Anthony High School boys and girls bowling teams fell to Taylorville Thursday.

Taylorville took the boys match 2,831 to 2,651 and the girls match 1,918 to 1,530. The Bulldog boys are now 1-5 on the year while the girls drop to 0-4.

"This was our boys' team most consistent scoring of the year," said Coach Phil Zaccari. "Taylorville was more consistent in closing their frames, but overall we did pretty well today.
Neil and James were real solid shooting well over 600 each for their three game total.
Cody Pike and Dalton Anderson also shot their best series' of the year and Zaine Reiss had a real good third game.

"For the girls, Kassy Dammerman was was once again our steadiest player shooting a 433.
Generally as a team, our spare shooting was not good, we missed a lot of easy spares.
We are still learning and each match we gain valuable experience. We have some time to
do some solid practicing to get more consistent in our deliveries and that will help us get ready
for the Alton Invitational December 27," concluded Zaccari.

At Taylorville

Boys Meet

Taylorville 2,831, St. Anthony 2,651

St. Anthony -- Neil Ritz 244-227-184 -- 655, James Ritz 207-214-203 -- 624, Dalton Anderson 190-167-140 -- 497, Zaine Reiss 142-117-197 -- 456, Cody Pike 116-147-156 -- 419

Girls Meet

Taylorville 1,918, St. Anthony 1,530

St. Anthony -- Kassy Dammerman 141-139-153 -- 433, Natalie Goeckner 102-95-100 -- 297, Erin Goeckner 94-105-95 -- 294, Hayley Koester 103-84 -- 187, Raven Rincker 78-83 -- 161, Jade Koester 95-63 -- 158,