Several Effingham Players Named All-Apollo (MORE PHOTOS)


Published on November 6 2012 9:42 am
Last Updated on November 7 2012 11:04 am
Written by Millie Lange

Effingham High School's Taylor Claar was named to the Apollo Conference First Team Offense for football.


Claar, a senior, was named as a lineman. Also named as linemen were Ryan Paige, senior, Mattoon; Mark Ferguson, senior, Mount Zion and Charleston's Danny Hildebrandt, senior and Cody Margenthaler, junior. Running backs named were Josh Cazley, junior, Charleston; Austin Ray, junior, Mount Zion and Jacob Stephens, junior, Mattoon. Receivers named were Trustin Winnett, senior, Charleston; Skyler Hartbank, senior, Mattoon and Audie Temples, junior, Paris. Quarterback named was Sean Hussey, senior, Charleston.

Named on the First Team Defense were linemen, Jesse Campbell, senior, Charleston; Ben Wieth, senior, Mattoon; Tanner Smith, senior, Mount Zion and Mark Ferguson, senior, Mount Zion; linebackers Noah Miller, senior, Charleston; Devin Walker, senior, Paris; Adrien Payne, senior, Mount Zion and Mitch Hirsch, senior, Mattoon; defensive backs Dillon Cazley, senior, Charleston; Payton Hartbank, sophomore, Mattoon; Truston Winnett, senior, Charleston and Josh Cazley, junior Charleston.



Two Effingham players were named to the Second Team Offense and those included running back Logan Howell, senior and receiver Drew Levitt, senior. Also named were linemen Hayden Keys, senior, Paris; Tyler Bouslog, senior, Paris; Dustin Smith, junior Charleston; Tanner Smith, senior, Mattoon and Michael Jean, senior, Mattoon. Running backs named were Stewart Arp, senior, Paris and Noah Miller, senior, Charleston. Receivers were Cody Morris, senior, Mattoon and Austin Cohn, senior, Charleston. Quarterback named was Jared Pilson, junior, Mattoon.





Four Effingham players were named to the Second Team Defense. Lineman named was Scott Deunk, senior; linebacker Travis Durbin, sophomore and defensive backs Cody Sennett, senior and Marcus Robinson, junior.

Others named on the Second Team Defense were linemen Aron Decker, junior, Charleston; Sam Mitchell, senior, Mattoon; Brandon Keys, senior, Paris and Anthony Devor, senior, Salem; linebackers Ryan Preston, senior, Charleston; Carson Leiner, senior, Mount Zion and Jeremy Woodyard, senior, Mattoon and defensive backs, Austin Ray, junior Mount Zion and Audie Temples, junior, Paris.