Mid-Illinois Concrete, Washington Savings Bank Post Prep League Wins


Published on June 22 2013 10:46 am
Last Updated on June 22 2013 10:46 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Mid-Illinois Concrete and Washington Savings Bank posted victories in Babe Ruth Prep League action Friday at Paul Smith Field.

Mid-Illinois Concrete won over Trophies Unlimited 8-3, while Washington Savings Bank defeated Tri-Power Towing 12-6.  Score sheets submitted on the games were unclear in some areas.

In Game One, Mid-Illinois Concrete scored three runs each in the first and fourth innings and single runs in the second and sixth innings, totaling 11 hits.  Trophies Unlimited scored in the first inning and then added two runs in the sixth, totaling just two hits.

For Mid-Illinois Concrete: Caden Miller--two singles, run batted in...Kyle Smith--double, single, two runs batted in...Sam Childerson--single, two runs batted in...Eric Schoonover--single, run batted in...Zac Bateman--three singles...Jacob Donaldson--single, two runs batted in...T.J. Gordon--single

For Trophies Unlimited, Tyler Westendorf, Ryan Kruger and Jacob Roepke are listed, but no other information is listed.

Jacob Donaldson got the win; Jacob Roepke took the loss.

In Game Two, Washington Savings Bank scored in the first and fifth and two runs in the second, but there's no other information listed on the score sheet.  Tri-Power Towing scored in the first and fourth innings and scored two runs each in the third and fifth innings.  Washington scored their runs on 10 hits, while Tri-Power totaled seven hits.

For Tri-Power: Jason Kenter--double, single...Niko Dust--single, run batted in...Ethan Greene--single, run batted in...Brian Ritz--single, run batted in...Carson Hartke--double...Keegan Meyer--single, run batted in

For Washington: Lane Belleville--triple, single, two runs batted in...Russ Althoff--two singles, run batted in...Austin Rexroad--double, single, two runs batted in...Zander Callip--single, run batted in...Blake Kitten--double, single, run batted in...Chris Ungrund--single, run batted in

Blake Kitten got the win; Jason Kenter took the loss.