Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on April 14 2021 6:21 am


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LOST: Male tiger-striped cat named Oliver, around 15 pounds. He is an indoor car but three weeks ago during a storm he ran out of the house on St. Louis Street near the hospital. There is a $500 reward for his return. Call: 217-500-1681.

FOUND 03/29: Male black cat, found on the north edge of Effingham. Call: 217-821-1246.

LOST 03/17: Female border collie with a red harness. Offering $250 reward. Last seen 1 p.m. Friday, March 19 on East Walnut near the Teutopolis Post office going east. $50 for tips leading to her discovery. Her name is Nova and she loves to fetch. Call: 217-994-4296.

OUND 03/08 -- Female brown and black Chihuahua, no collar. Found on East Wernsing Street in the south end of Effingham. Call: 217-821-7263.

LOST 02/07: Male husky mix with one droopy ear, brown and tan wearing a green collar with blue stripe. Lost three miles north of Teutopolis in the Lillyville area. Call: 217-663-3238.

LOST 01/29: Buddy, a 10-year-old Collie missing from his home at the Huskey's, west of Green Creek area. He was staying with grandparents while family is deployed to Germany. Wearing blue neck kerchief. Call: 217-821-7911.


LOST 01/27: Muttley, A friendly male who will come to his name. He is missing from N. 100th St. in Beecher City. He is a golden retriever mix about seven or eight years old. Call: 618-353-7837.

FOUND 01/20 -- Two dogs, one looks like a black lab and the other is a huge dog that looks like a Golden Retriever. Found outside of Dieterich. Call: 217-923-5743.

LOST 12/29 -- Last seen in Homewood subdivision (Lynn Drive). seven month old male tuxedo cat. He has white paws, a white belly and a black speck on his chin. He is very friendly, snuggles and sweet. He has a family with two little girls who miss him very much. Call: 217-898-9009.



LOST:   Sally Beth, a 10-year-old chocolate lab is missing from North Shore Dr. near Lake Sara in Effingham. Sally is believed to be very sick and her owner is extremely worried that she may be in distress wherever she is. He let her out to use the bathroom like always, and she did not return.  Cal: (217) 821-0253.


LOST 12/26: Boss ran off from near the Altamont Resevoir. He’s been missing since about 3:30 Saturday, December 26. Call 217-500-1943. 


LOST: Effingham County Animal Shelter & Control. Naomi is missing from 7622 E Hwy 40, Altamont. Call: 217-663-1992.

LOST 11/07: Small, female, black, white and tan Rat Terrier/Beagle mix with partially cropped tail. Friendly senior dog that doesn't see very well and has health issues. Wandered from home on Lakewood Drive in the Rollin Hills Subdivision. Call: 217-994-3417.

FOUND 09/10: Brown dog, about 35 pounds, with a red collar dragging a 20 foot chain was found at the Effingham Equity, 201 W. Roadway by St. Anthony Cemetery. Call: 342-4101 and ask to talk to corporate shop.


LOST: $500 cash reward for anyone who can help bring Bella home. This is not just a dog this is part of the family.  She could be anywhere from Stewardson, Strasburg, Windsor, Shelbyville, Mode. If you spot her or see her do not approach her please. She is very scared and I’m sure starving and thirsty. Lure her with treats and stay on your hands and knees and call immediately: Kristin 217-663-4700, Arianna 217-663-7989, Stephanie 217-240-1464 or Myles 217-690-3268.