Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on December 27 2022 6:29 am

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LOST 12/26: Male dog on the northwest side of Altamont around 9:30 a.m. Monday. He is very timid and may run from you. He loves any kind of meat snacks. He is wearing a baby blue harness and has a black leash attached. He is an Australian Sheperd and his name is Pan. Call: 618-315-4489.

FOUND 12/22: Black and tan German Shepherd found at Kirby's IGA about 6 am this morning, a male. Call 217-690-5676.

LOST 12/02: White pompski goes by the name of Piston. Has tag with owners name and phone number on it. Lost off Funkouser road and near Mason Road.

FOUND 11/21: Female husky wearing a sweater, no identification. Came into South Central FS on Willow Street. Call: 217-342-9234.

FOUND 11/18: Small Jack Russell male terrier wearing two collars along the Teutopolis-Elliotstown Road. One collar is a shock collar. Call: 217-821-3822.

LOST: Black and white cat out by Lake Sara area of 9352 E. Park Ave. Effingham. If seen, phone 217-994-4682



LOST: A white cat behind the mall in the Village apartments. Her name is Bashful, if seen call: 217-848-2736


LOST: Miss Mavis is missing and needs your help to get back home. Mavis has run away over on Fayette by the Speedway in Effingham. Phone 217-663-2418 or 847-769-2501.

LOST: Lilly is a black and white female Chihuahua. Lost in the Bishop Creek area. She doesn’t have a collar and is pretty skittish around people or other dogs. She was last seen near Pals Electric along the Teutopolis-Elliotstown road. Any info please call Kiley at 217-264-8143 or John at 217-663-8283

FOUND 08/31: On Elm Street in Effingham, a female French bulldog/pug looking dog. Call: 217-821-3178.

LOST 08/21:  Small, older, tri-color, female Corgi.  Her name is Razz - she may not see or hear you.  Lost from southeast of Effingham, off Airport Road and 1050th Road.  She was not wearing her collar at the time.  She is microchipped but the phone number may not be updated.  Please call Tyler at 1-970-317-4014.

LOST 08/07: Older beagle dog lost in the Richman Hills east of Heartville. Her name is Reo. She is black, brown and white and is hard of hearing. Phone: 217-821-4186.



FOUND 07/04: Young, blonde, friendly female Lhasa Apso or similiar small breed found on July 4 in rural Mason. She was wearing a collar but no tags. Call: 618-367-5869.

FOUND 06/27: Tame, large black rabbit found in the Heartville area on Briar Lane. Call: 217-536-6802.


LOST 6/16 -- The name of the cat is Shadow, he was lost from the area of the Four Seasons mobile home park. He is gray in color, but when in light, white can be seen. He has yellow eyes. Lastly, he has some bald spots near his ears on top of his head. He has no collar. Call: 505-239-4057.

LOST 6/13 -- 3 feeder cows got out of their pasture, south of the Police Station Road in Effingham.  If you have seen them, please call 217-343-8164.


LOST 5/20 -- Two beagles just south of Mason.  Both are one year old. One female: Lizzie, and one male: Max.  They do have collars but no tags right now.  Please call or text 217-663-3415 if you see them.


LOST 5/16 - - Black female dog.  She is friendly and wants to go into house and car.  No collar but has had puppies.  Please call Nancy at 217-821-7437.

FOUND -- Very large gray cat has been around several months at 1150th Avenue (Old Watson Road) near Effingham. He is wearing a white flea collar and needs to go home. 

FOUND 4/26 - - Older beagle found at the corner of Fayette and 4th Street in Effingham on Tuesday afternoon.  No collar on the beagle.  Please call Judy at 217-821-6324


LOST 04/14 -- Three-month-old pit bull. He's brindle with a white patch down his chest. Missing since 2 p.m. Thursday from Heartville. Call: 217-690-0416.

FOUND 04/06 -- White and black cat, intact male approximately one year old, no collar, found east of Effingham County airport. Bobtailed. Call: 217-663-2527.