Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on September 17 2014 6:49 am

Welcome to our Lost and Found Pets Section! We put many lost and found pets on the radio every day for our listeners, and post each of them here as well. We know you love your pets, and we're happy to provide this free, local service to help you get your extra family members back!

If you live in Effingham County, Animal Control may have picked up your animal. It's always a good idea to check with them before submitting it to us. They're available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at 347-5695. This is especially important if the animal has been micro-chipped.

When submitting a lost or found animal to us, please don't forget to include where you lost or found it, and any details like whether or not it has a collar on; something that will help the owner identify it!


CLICK HERE to submit a lost or found animal online to us! You may also include a photo in your submission. 

Note: Submissions do not automatically appear. They are reviewed and posted by our staff.

LOST 9/17: Maya, a long-haired brown female cat. She has a purple collar with a bell on it. Last seen around 5 p.m. Tuesday at 601 South Fifth Street in Effingham. Call: 217-690-0465

LOST 9/10: Tan German Shepherd mix. Black snout, a little bit of black on her tail and a few black spots on her tongue. She was wearing a blue collar with no tags and does not have a microchip. Lost east of Beecher City, near the intersectioin of County Rd. 300 and the highway. Call: 816-807-3706

LOST 9/7: Chico a 10 pound neutered black Pomeranian with gray around the mouth. He was wearing a pink invisible fence collar. Lost from Trilla Road in Trilla. Call: 618-514-2029

LOST 9/5: Siberian Husky named Luna. White/gray/black. Very people friendly, but shy of other animals. Pink/black collar with her name and a phone number. Lost two miles north of Montrose along the highway. Call: 217-343-2528

LOST 9/4: Black and tan Yorkie/Dachshund mix. It's a male service dog lost from it's owner who needs it. Very friendly. Lost from around Joe's Bait Shop area. Call: 690-9124

LOST 9/2: Black and white Miniature Schnauzer, female, wearing a pink collar. Lost along Pelican Street.  Call: 217-994-6488

LOST 8/25: Dark brown medium-sized female dog. Large body, small head wearing a collar. Overweight, very old, partially blind and deaf. Her name is Cocoa. Last seen Monday evening in Shumway. Call: 217-868-2956

FOUND 8/25: Little reddish, brown dog roaming the streets of Oceola and North. Has a flea collar on.

LOST 9/05: Siberian Husky named Luna. White/gray/black. Very people friendly, but shy of other animals. Pink/black collar with her name and a phone number. Lost two miles north of Montrose along the highway. Call: 217-343-2528

FOUND 8/24: Blood hound mix, blue and yellow collar. Found three miles north of Teutopolis. Call: 217-343-6131

FOUND 8/24: Two small dogs, no tags, one is black and white and the other brown, both female. Found on South Fourth Street in Effingham. Call: 342-6746

FOUND 8/22: Medium-sized, short-haired tan dog. Purple collar. Found along Jaycee Avenue. Call: 663-0326

FOUND 8/21: Puppy, male white lab mix with a collar and no tags. Found on the TREC Trail Wednesday evening. Call: 690-2073

FOUND 8/19: Medium-sized, long-haired black dog. No collar. Very shy. Found south of Teutopolis along Rt. 33. Call: 857-3994 and leave message

FOUND 8/17: Male black with brownish legs. Small, looks like a terrier. Kinda greyish in the face and has a green collar with no tags. Found on Whitler Lane in Altamont. Call: 821-5983

FOUND 8/16:  A tan and white dog, looks like a Shih Tzu, found near Evergreen Ave.  Call: 343-1866

FOUND 8/15: Two dogs, one lab/mix and other has a pink harness and leash. Both brownish red color. Found at Dittamores. Call: 857-3193

FOUND 8/14: Female yellow lab or retriever. Has collar but no tags. Found around Dutch Lane and Watson. Very friendly. Call: 343-7009

FOUND 8/14: Small brown and black male puppy with black and gray collar. Found around the Watson T. Call: 821-0058

LOST 8/12: An off-white half German Shepherd mix. Tall pointy ears. Very friendly and will come when called Bella. Has a blue collar on with a rabbies tag. Lost in Lake Sara Dam area. Call: 217-994-4682

FOUND 8/11: Brown Chihuahua on Merchant Street in Effingham by the Silk Purse. Call: 821-8961

FOUND 8/11: Gray with white on the tips of his feet, male pit bull.  No collar.  Pink spot on top of nose.Found in Heartville.  Call: 343-8496

LOST 8/09: Two dogs, male named Socket and female named Lucy. Socket has on a red collar and a flea collar. He is all black but has a white cross on his chest and some white on his feet. Lucy is a pitbull-boxer mix. She was last seen with a brown leather collar and a flea collar. She is black with a little bit of white on her nose and chest. Both were last seen on Old Watson Road in between Effingham and Watson. Call: 217-663-6460

FOUND 08/07: Black and brown Shitzuh puppy mix found at Kingery Printing. Taken to the Effingham Humane Society

FOUND 08/07: Red-nosed pit bull. No collar, no micro-chip. Found south of Newton. Call: 618-553-6705

LOST 07/31: Five month old female Lhasa Apso puppy. She is light tan with black ear tips and a black nose. She isn't wearing a collar. Lost east of Dieterich Wednesday evening around 7-7:30 p.m. Offering a reward for her return, no questions asked. Call: 217-821-5606

FOUND 07/31: Small black dog, kind of shy, wearing a blue collar. Found in Heartville. Call: 217-343-1491

LOST 7/29: Male Chocolate Lab, may have a green or black collar or may have pulled it off. Lost around St. James, St. Peter, St. Elmo area. Call: 618-292-2288

LOST 07/28:  A black and white cat missing since Thursday.  Is declawed and fixed.  Lost on St. Louis Avenue, near St. Anthony Hospital.  Call: 217-690-4733

LOST 07/28: Male dark calico kitten between six and eight weeks old. Lost between Route 40 and Route 33, south of Teutopolis. Call: 821-0144 and leave a message

LOST 07/28: Female seven year old, 45 pound, tan German Shepherd mix. Lost about a month or so ago. She has a black snout and some black on her tail and a few small black spots on her tongue. She runs very fast and will usually run away when pursued, even at a slow pace. She was last seen wearing a blue collar with no tags. Last seen where she was staying on a farm just east of Beecher City on Co. Rd. 300, just south of Hwy 33 (Poplar St.). Call: 816-807-3706

FOUND 07/23: Large Holstein bull is on the loose about two miles south of Watson on 550th Avenue

FOUND 07/22: Grey male kitten was found at Walton and Haarmann. Contact Walton and Haarmann for more information at 342-4713

LOST 07/15: Brown (bleaching to blonde) and white 3-year-old border collie with dark and light purple braided cord collar. Lost three miles east of Sigel. Call: 217-663-4895

LOST 07/11: Red long-haired dachshund, 11 years old and very friendly. Lost east of Stewardson. Call: 217-663-0308

LOST 07/08: Miniature Pinscher, 12 years old, grey in face, red in color. Has a camo collar on. Last seen around Joe Sippers at 4:30 a.m. Lost from Long Street in Effingham. Call: 994-0215

LOST 07/07: Miniature Dachshund wearing a black collar with purple flowers and a red tag. Female answers to the name of Dot and is microchipped. Missing north of Effingham (Green Creek). Call: 217-821-5143

FOUND 07/06: Black cat, found at Paradise Inn in Effingham. Call (217) 342-2165

LOST 07/02: (UPDATE 08/04) Small red Pomeranian named Gunner, lost North of Loy Chapel Road and East of Rt 45. May have been spotted in the Watson area on July 29 near the Civic Center and trailers and 30th near Maple Street. Catch him if you see him. The dog was wearing a blue harness and blue leash. There is a reward for the safe return of Gunner, no questions asked. Call: 217-821-6802 or 217-536-6802

FOUND 07/01: Female Beagle wearing a pink collar found along RT 40 in Effingham. Call: 217-821-5136

LOST 06/30: Small orange cat lost from Park Hills Subdivision in Effingham. Call: 217-663-8506

LOST 06/30: Female Blue Heeler lost in southwest Clark County, maybe in Jasper County. No microchip. Call: 217-232-6294