Lost and Found Pets


Last Updated on October 23 2020 6:11 pm


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FOUND 9/14: A pet bunny found outside of The Equity Hardware Store. He seems to be pretty big, friendly and tame. Call: 618-420-5746.

FOUND 09/10: Brown dog, about 35 pounds, with a red collar dragging a 20 foot chain was found at the Effingham Equity, 201 W. Roadway by St. Anthony Cemetery. Call: 342-4101 and ask to talk to corporate shop.


LOST -- $500 cash reward for anyone who can help bring Bella home. This is not just a dog this is part of the family.  She could be anywhere from Stewardson, Strasburg, Windsor, Shelbyville, Mode. If you spot her or see her do not approach her please. She is very scared and I’m sure starving and thirsty. Lure her with treats and stay on your hands and knees and call immediately: Kristin 217-663-4700, Arianna 217-663-7989, Stephanie 217-240-1464 or Myles 217-690-3268.

FOUND 09/06: This cat was found Sunday in Homewood Subdivision. Very friendly. Call: 217-994-4465.

FOUND 08/27: Beagle found south of Funkhouser near Effingham County Humane Society. Has collar. Found around 9 p.m. Thursday. Call: 690-6804.

LOST 08/10: Smokey the Cockatiel, a grey bird with yellow head, orange cheeks, white patches on sides of wings. Was lost on Hendelmeyer Avenue Monday at 5 p.m. in Effingham. Good flyer. Responds to "If You're Happy And You Know It" whistles. Call: 423-863-1918 or 423-310-0152.

LOST 08/10 -- Sadie is missing from north of Watson on Old Watson Road near 800E. She was brought back home again Monday, August 10 around 10:30 a.m. but by the time the owners got to the house, she was gone again. Please do not just bring her back to their address but phone and they will meet you.  Call: 217-690-8110.

LOST 08/20 -- Dark gold horse with a white mane and tail. Her name is Lou and she's missing from the Green Creek area slightly west and north of the Midway Tavern. She does not have a halter on but is gentle and easy to handle.

LOST 07/20 -- Calico cat in the Goeckner Brothers area. Cat's name is Jojo. Call: 217-347-2809.

LOST 07/04 -- An eight-month-old German Shepard/Lab mix puppy named Elsa. Last seen July 4 at 10 p.m. on the north side of Dieterich. Brown and black color with a light blue collar and a black electronic training collar. Very friendly and greatly missed by two eight-year-old girls. Call: 217-273-1221.

LOST 06/02 -- In Altamont area, Female Alaskan Husky named Beta. Has collar. Call: 217-663-7482 and leave a message.

LOST 06/23 -- Mostly white cat with some black on feet and ears lost in the Lake Sara area. Her name is Luna. Missing since June 23. Call: 217-343-8480