Shumway Fire Department Releases Statement & Advisory Regarding 4th of July Fireworks


Published on July 2 2012 9:18 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Wayne Moran

Officials with the Shumway Fire Department Issued the following statement regarding the Lake Sara fireworks display:

Fire and Lake Officials met over the weekend and decided that the fireworks on Lake Sara will go on display as planned. The fireworks will be on July 3rd and begin at dusk. With the current drought like conditions, Shumway Fire Department is taking extra precautions to make sure there are no problems during the show. Chief Kemme, of the Shumway Fire Department, said that due to the extremely hot and dry weather he is
calling in extra help from neighboring departments to assist with anything that may arise during the display. A bigger concern, Kemme said, is amateur fireworks displays, which are illegal in Illinois. “A lot of my concern is the homeowners having private parties and doing their own fireworks” he said. “They’re going off, and you don’t know where they’re landing. A firework landing in some dry grass or mulch could mean disaster and
big trouble for whoever set it off.” Kemme urges homeowners to be aware of any fireworks going off in their neighborhoods. “The lake usually sees an extra 3,000 people, beyond the lake residents, during the celebration. With other towns not having their shows, I expect to see that number increase substantially” said Kemme.

Fire Officials asks that people not block any fire hydrants and that they leave enough room when parking along the roadway that a fire truck could get through in the event there is an emergency. Chief Kemme also suggests that those people coming to the lake to watch the fireworks may want to arrive early if they would like to get a parking spot at the beach. “Parking fills up quick. Usually there is a constant flow of traffic while vehicles are being parked, but with the heat this year things will likely take a little longer.” If you
have any questions please feel free to call the fire station at 217-868-5202. To report any type of fire or emergency please call 911.