Crop Duster in Champaign Area May Have Sprayed Detasselers


Published on July 25 2013 1:47 pm
Last Updated on July 25 2013 4:46 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

A crop duster treating a field in Champaign County may have inadvertantly sprayed fungicide on a group of detasselers working in an adjacent field.

The incident occurred Thursday morning along US 45 near Pesotum. 

The crop duster was using a fungicide provided by Monsanto, and Monsanto spokesman Tom Helsher said if fungicides get on the skin, nausea and skin irritation may result.  He said washing with soap and water and a change of clothes should address the situation.

Helsher said a group of 75 detasselers were taken for such treatment to Carle Hospital in Urbana.  He said he was not aware of any serious injuries, or whether a large number of workers were involved.  He said some of the detasselers said they thought they felt some drops fall on them from the crop dusting plane, and said, "they weren't doused" in the incident.

Champaign County sheriff's deputies assisted at the scene.