Library Board Finalizes Slate of Officers


Published on May 28 2013 4:23 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Helen Matthes Library Board has its slate of officers in place for the next year.

Suellen Reimers and Racheal Fearday will continue as co-presidents, while Dannielle Harden will again serve as vice-president and Charlie Bovard will remain as treasurer.

The change is in the secretary's position where Charlene Topel will succeed Jane Wise, who did not seek to be reappointed to the Library Board.  Work continues to choose Wise's successor on the Board.

Concerns have been eased regarding a wall put in place by 5th/3rd Bank during the construction of their new building.  The wall is to separate the new bank building from the future library home.  There were concerns that water leakage might be a problem, but the monsoons of recent weeks have proved the wall won't leak and both sides have signed off on an agreement to that effect.

Library Director Amanda McKay reported that fundraising work on the library conversion is going well, saying that they are 12% toward their goal.  McKay said blueprints for the conversion project are complete, but the Board is securing a local representative to review the documents to make sure the project will be done in the most cost effective manner possible.

There was also discussion of whether new software is needed to control the heating and cooling system in the future library.  Honeywell, whose system is in the building, has submitted a $9,000 plan to operate the system.  McKay plans to check with project engineers to make sure of the proposal.