Dieterich School Board


Published on June 8 2012 11:34 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Dieterich school board members Thursday got an update on performance contracting work underway in the school complex.

Superintendent Bruce Owen said the work is ahead of schedule.  The high school gym HVAC and condensers were set and are temporarily operational.  The gas piping was completed for that portion of the project and the locker room heaters were set and the gas piped and the electrical is 90% complete for that portion of the project.  In the old gym, the HVAC and condensers were set, gas piping was complete and the electrical was 75% completed.  The old boilers have been removed and the new boilers are set in place waiting to be wired and gas piping.  The shop roof, new gym and the area between and in front of the gym are 90% complete.  The new curb over the mezzanine in the cafeteria has been set and capped.  The elementary area has the ceiling tile and grid removed and Merz Air Conditioning and Heating is setting HVAC units and installing new duct work and removing old unused ductwork.  GRP is installing the gas piping for the HVAC units and the electricians from Burford Electric are installing conduit for the wiring.  Alpha Controls is working on tying all the HVAC units together so the district will have remote control of all the units.

Elementary principal Kathy Pattenaude and high school principal Cary Jackson presented the preliminary report of ISAT scores for the district.  They reported that 50% of the students tested exceeded on the Math portion of the testing in Grades 3-8 and that overall 95% of the students tested either met or exceeded State standards in Math.  They also reported that in Reading in Grades 3-8, 86% either met or exceeded State standards.  The principals said the good scores were attributable to the high expectations of the teachers and parents, and the community support given the schools.

The Board amended the budget for the current school year.  The budged added the amount for health and life safety bonds received for the Performance Contracting work underway.  Owen said the district will have a balanced budget for the school year if the State pays the District the money it owes by June 30.

Dieterich board members hired Jeff Staser as boys varsity basketball coach for the coming year.  Staser succeeds Jamie Van Scyoc who resigned as basketball coach earlier this year.  The Board also hired Haley Hartke as high school Math teacher for the coming school year.

The Board also approved giving the non-certified staff the same percentage raises they'd given the certified staff for the coming school year, and approved the principals' salaries for the coming school year.  Board members also approved a policy for service animals for students and staff.