Illinois News Roundup for Wednesday, June 6


Published on June 6 2012 4:03 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

>>Dozens To Retire From DNR

(Springfield, IL)  --  Dozens of workers at the state Department of Natural Resources are planning to retire and that could leave some parks without any full-time employees.  The DNR says the parks wouldn't necessarily have to close.  The retirements could put a hurt on the budget because the department would have to pay out unused vacation time and other retirement costs.


>>New Vehicles Coming For Police, Fire

(Springfield, IL)  --  Springfield police and fire will be getting new rides.  Aldermen approved a four-million-dollar bond issue yesterday that'll pay for new fire trucks, unmarked police cars and vehicles for the public works department.  The city budget director says services could suffer if the vehicles aren't upgraded.


>>Highways To Be Renamed For Vet

(Madison County, IL)  --  Highways in Madison County will honor a World War Two hero from Jerseyville.  Part of U.S. Route 67 and all of Illinois 255 will now be known as the "Russell E. Dunham Memorial Highway."  Dunham also received the Congressional Medal of Honor.  He died in 2009.


>>Scammers Look For Victims On Craigslist

(Decatur, IL)  --  Beware of scammers using Craigslist to con people for money.  Realtors in Decatur say the suspect will usually repost an actual listing of a house for rent and ask you to wire money for the security deposit.  The bad guys are usually from out of the country and say they need to rent their house out quickly because they're doing missionary work.  State representative Chapin Rose is drafting a bill that would remove these posts from Craigslist.


>>Family Walks To Promote Animal Rescue

(Paxton, IL)  --  A family walking across the country for a good cause will be stopping in Paxton today.  John and Kait Seyal, along with their dogs, Max and Grace, are trekking across the U.S. to promote pet therapy and animal rescue.  The family stops at nursing homes and hospitals to share their story.  They started in Delaware back in March and hopes to make it to San Francisco by Thanksgiving.


>>ConAgra To Appeal Multi-Million Dollar Judgment

(Chester, IL)  --  ConAgra attorneys plan to appeal a 180-million dollar judgment awarded to three men injured in a 2010 explosion in Chester, Illinois.  They acknowledge the incident was tragic but claim they shouldn't be held accountable for the injuries the men suffered.  But a jury ruled against the company, awarding millions to John Jentz, Robert Schmiedt, and Justin Becker.  The three were seriously injured in the blast and filed suit claiming ConAgra hadn't cleaned the grain elevators in over 20-years and that they didn't take proper action when the middlings started heating up, more than one month before the explosion.


>>Restaurant Owner Says Video Gaming Good For Business

(Bloomington, IL)  --  Video poker will be available to Illinois gamblers by year's end.  Karen Murukas, owner of Entourage Lounge in Bloomington, says that's great news for the city because it'll create jobs and stimulate the local economy.  She says gamblers will get instant gratification because payout machines are next to each game.  Video poker was approved in 2009 to help pay for the 31-billion dollar capital construction program but many towns have opted out and will not offer it.


>>Some Menard Prisoners Sent To Tamms

(Menard, IL)  --  The inmates involved in an assault on a guard at Menard Correctional Center have been transferred to Tamms Super-Max prison.  Tamms houses convicts deemed too dangerous for the general prison population.  Menard was placed on lockdown after the assault.  It's the second lockdown in less than a month at Menard.  No word on when the most recent lockdown might be lifted.


>>Car Buying Tips Protect From Buying Bad Car

(Chicago, IL)  --  The Attorney General's office gets over 500 complaints a year from people claiming they've been stuck with a "lemon" after driving off a used car lot.  AG Lisa Madigan says you take a risk when you buy an "As-Is" used car but there are ways to protect yourself.  She says you should always have a mechanic check the vehicle out before buying it, plus you should test drive it yourself and get a full title report.  Dealers can provide the title report or you can get the VIN number and check yourself at the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System or by going to