Library Board Hears Request for Book to be Reassigned


Published on January 15 2013 4:28 pm
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Members of the Helen Matthes Library Board Monday heard a request from a local resident to have a book in the Teen section reassigned to the Adult section of the library.  Board members decided to leave the book in the Teen section.

The book is "When it Happens" by Susane Colasanti.  According to Library Director Amanda McKay, Rosina Esker's daughter checked the book out and was reading it when she decided she shouldn't be reading it.  She took it to her mother who read the book and agreed that it shouldn't be in the Teen section. 

McKay said, "We try to keep a good mix of titles and try not to cross lines, but that line is different for every family."

Mrs. Esker appeared before the Board Monday and presented her case for the book to be reassigned, but the Board consensus was that it should remain in the Teen section.

In other business, McKay reported that the blueprints for the conversion of the old 5th/3rd building into the new library building are 75% completed.  She said the architect hopes to present the plans to the Board in February. 

The Board reviewed the draft budget for the coming fiscal year.  McKay said the main change is that the document reflects the expense of having two buildings.

McKay also reported that the Franciscan Friars of Teutopolis are interested in using the elevator being removed from the future library home for their former novitiate facility.  She needs input from the project engineer as to the logistics of such a removal effort.  McKay said the elevator cannot be used in the future library.