Speagle Gets Another 11 Years in Fayette County


Published on August 22 2013 2:27 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Beecher City resident already sentenced to prison for an Effingham County sex crime has received additional prison time after pleading guilty to separate offenses in Fayette County.

42-year-old Billy Speagle pleaded guilty Wednesday in Fayette County to counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse of someone under age 13 and aggravated possession of child pornography.  Speagle was sentenced to seven years in prison for the aggravated abuse count and to another four years for the child pornography count.

While the Fayette County counts will be served consecutively, the Fayette County sentences will run concurrently with a six-year prison term Speagle received in Effingham County for aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a disabled person.

Fayette County State's Attorney Joshua Morrison said a key component to reaching a negotiated plea on the counts was a desire to not put the young victim through testifying in court during a trial.  Morrison said the girl's family was supportive throughout the proceedings in trying to keep the victim from testifying.

In addition to the prison time, Morrison said Speagle will be under mandatory supervisory release for two years on the aggravated abuse count once he leaves prison, and will be under three years to life supervised release on the child pornography count.  Speagle will also have to register lifelong as a sex offender.