Dave Ring


My wife Gayla and I founded Premier Broadcasting in the fall of 1993 and we went on the air with WXEF-FM on January 3, 1994. We were fortunate to begin our journey with an excellent staff and have continued to be blessed by employing wonderful and knowledgeable people.

In 1997 we added WKJT-FM (KJ Country) through a Local Marketing Agreement with Kirby Broadcasting. Also that year, we added station WXET-FM which served the Mattoon market. We later sold that station in 2008 as we decided to keep our primary focus on the Effingham community.

Premier Broadcasting is somewhat of an oddity in today’s radio marketplace. Being local and family owned is now a rarity. We are truly thankful that we live in such a great community and are extremely grateful for all our many wonderful listeners.

Email: dave@thexradio.com

Phone: (217) 347-5518