George Flexter


I was born in good old Wayne County way back in 1964. That makes me old, but not nearly as old as Doc or Greg. I grew up loving music and since I couldn’t sing or play an instrument, radio seemed like a good way to be involved. I graduated from Clay City High School in 1982, and went to Wabash Valley College for the Radio Program.

I’ve worked in radio since 1986 at a few different stations around Illinois. Started at 979 XFM and later KJ Country 102.3 way back in 1994, and have enjoyed nearly all of it. I’m married to Kim who works at Sara Bush Medical Center. We have two kids Hailey 22 and Joel 19, and I love them all very much. I'm the program director for this little place we call home, and also co-host The Morning Show.

I love Neil Young can’t stand Celine Dion (you already knew that, lol) . I hope you enjoy the stations I program. Let us know if you do.

If you don’t, I blame it on Wayne and Brian.


Phone: (217) 347-5518