T-town Wins Casey-Westfield Doubles Crown


Published on September 23 2013 10:16 am
Last Updated on September 23 2013 12:32 pm
Written by Millie Lange

Teutopolis High School captured the championship of the Casey-Westfield Doubles Tennis Tournament Saturday.

The Wooden Shoes tallied 162 points followed by Mount Zion 149, Flora 123, Charleston 103, Robinson 93, Newton 71, Casey-Westfield 54 and Paris 29.

Elena Breer and Allison Vogt captured first place in the No. 1 doubles spot with 41 points. Heather Dust and Holley Wright took first place with 39 points at the No. 2 doubles position.

Ashley Hemmen and Taylor Deters were the champions at the No. 3 doubles spot with 42 points. T-town then took the sweep as Sidney Brumleve and Kaitlin Deters were the champions at No. 4 with 40 points.

Teutopolis Results

No. 1 Doubles: Elena Breer and Allison Vogt, 1st Place

Defeated Victoria Cox/Niki Brandenburg, Casey 7-0

Defeated Shelby Linder/Haley Cooley, Charleston 5-2

Defeated Bailey Pearce/Macy Warren, Flora 6-1

Defeated Megan Blagemann/Madison Stoecker, Mt. Zion6-1

Defeated Meredith Penczek/Haley Gates, Paris 7-0

Defeated Sierra Henry/Melissa Henkins, Robinson 5-2

Defeated Katelyn Michl/Stacie Purcell, Newton 5-2

No. 2 Doubles: Heather Dust and Holley Wright, 1st Place

Defeated Ellie Tutwiler/Hannah Littlejohn, Casey 7-0

Defeated Allison Carder/Morgan Luttrell, Flora 5-2

Defeated Michaela Green/Rebecca Mier-y-Leon, Newton7-0

Defeated Madi Buchanan/Brittney Fuller, Robinson 5-2

Defeated Maegan Flight/Eva Bacon, Charleston 6-1

Defeated Megan Crosby/Maddy Johnston, Mt. Zion 2-5

Defeated Quinn Shockley/Mackenzie Martin, Paris 7-0

No. 3 Doubles: Ashley Hemmen/Taylor Deters, 1st Place

Defeated Ashley Sherwood/Morgan Shaw, Casey  7-0

Defeated Samantha Briscoe/Brooke Winka, Flora 5-2

Defeated Cheyenne Goss/Shelby Jackson, Newton 7-0

Defeated Brooke Taylor/Reagan Stephens Robinson 7-0

Defeated Ana Mier/Shaelyn Randall, Charleston 7-0

Defeated Mara Lebo/Annna Hobson, Mt. Zion 3-4

Defeated Janessa Watson/Miranda Myers Paris 6-1

No. 4 Doubles: Sidney Brumleve and Kaitlin Deters, 1st Place

Defeated Rebecca Hensley/Molly McDonald, Casey 7-0

Defeated Morgan Gindlesberger/Marissa Wagley, Flora 4-3

Defeated Delaney Heal/Bridget Kaufmann, Newton 7-0

Defeated Katie Beals/Lillie Hargis, Robinson 5-2

Defeated Jacey Dillon/Brittany Simpson Charleston 7-0

Defeated Meredith Jones/Marisa Gissler, Mt Zion 3-4

Defeated Fize Selimoska/Emilie Emberton, Paris 7-0