Ronnie Gillespie Wins Again at Cumberland County Fair, DuQuoin Races Through Weekend


Published on August 23 2013 7:34 am
Last Updated on August 23 2013 7:34 am
Written by Millie Lange

GREENUP -- Only five harness races were contested Thursday at the Cumberland County Fair. Once again, Effingham County Fair driver’s award winner Ronnie Gillespie was prominent on the card with two of the five victories.

Gillespie won the opening race of the day, the Topline 2-Year-Old Pace, behind Shakemoff Cowboi. The pair crossed the finish line with a time of 2:05 3/5.

Gillespie then won the Non-winners $1,000 Lifetime Pace with Marty Rucker. Gillespie, who also trained Marty Rucker, won with a time of 2:02 1/5.

In another race, Leroy Moore took Winsome Wyoming to a win in the IHHA 4-Year-Old and Up Trot, Mare Division in 2:05 4/5. As you may remember, Winsome Wyoming was owned by Leo Burns who drove her to a win last year at age 97. He died this past July at the age of 98 and Moore inherited the nine-year-old mare.

Harness racing comes to a close today at the fair with post time at 1:30 p.m. Thoroughbreds will take the track Saturday.

DuQuoin State Fair harness racing continues Saturday and Sunday with post times at noon each day.



Race One

Topline 2-Year-Old Pace

1. Shakemoff Cowboi (Ronnie Gillespie), 2. Fancy Creek Mateo (Paul Cavett), 3. Whoppedmaginjosey (Cassidy Melloy), 4. Major Mayhem (Michael Johnson), 5. Do Not Point (Carl Kingery)

Scratched -- Theodocia.

Time -- :32 1/5, 1:04 1/5, 1:35, 2:05 3/5.

Race Two

Topline 3-Year-Old and Up Trot

1. Valbon Reve (Gary Mills), 2. Earli Morning Star (Darla Martin), 3. Skyline View (Leroy Moore), 4. Outrageous Speed (Dakota Birch), 5. I Am The King (Alan Finn), 6. Old Aunt George (Michael White), 7. Skyline Happy (J.D. Finn)

Time -- :32, 1:02 4/5, 1:33, 2:03 4/5.

Race Three

Non-Winners $1,000 Lifetime Pace

1. Marty Rucker (Ronnie Gillespie), 2. Keeping Me Alive (Alan Finn), 3. Who Called Kellie (Paul Cavett), 4. Togetherforever (Michael Johnson), 5. Frontier Rose (Harold Finn Jr.), 6. Shady Maple Cruier (J.D. Finn)

Time -- :31, 1:01, 1:31 1/5, 2:02 1/5.

Race Four

IHHA 4-Year-Old and U0p Trot, Mare Division

1. Winsome Wyoming (Leroy Moore), 2. Tometta Byrd (Michael White), 3. Bonfire Red (Dakota Birch), 4. Alexandra's Broom (Freddie Patton Jr.)

Time -- :32 4/5, 1:04 3/5, 1:36, 2:05 4/5.

Race Five

IHHA 4-Year-Old and Up Trot, Horse-Gelding Division

1. The Swan Song (Freddie Patton Jr.), 2. Elmar (Leroy Moore), 3. Toucan (Douglas Graham), 4. Sonny Knew (Alan Finn)

Time -- :30 4/5, 1:01 1/5, 1:32 3/5, 2:02 3/5.




Race One

County Fair Championship

3-Year-Old Colts & Geldings ICF Trot

1. Kung Foo Fighter (Jamaica Patton), 2. Riet's Kid (Paul Cavett), 3. Powerful Mel (John De Long), 4. Bands Invicta (Kelcey Perymond), 5. Logan's Express (Dirk Simpson), 6. Balance Game (Jared Finn), 7. Accokeek Mercury (Buddy Simpson), 8. Mack's Gold Band (Dirk Simpson), 9. Bandslam (John Roberts), 10. Powerful Valor (Jared Finn)

Race Two

Fillies & Mares Stake 4-Year-Olds & Up ICF Trot

1. Miss Kylie (J.D. Finn), 2. Tometta Byrd (Darla Martin), 3. Rubys And Pearls (Dave Magee), 4. Maplegrove Shaelyn (Jamaica Patton)

Race Three

The Pronto Don 3-Year-Old

Colts & Geldings Stake ICF Trot

1. Gonnagetya (Freddie Patton Jr.), 2. Fox Valley Dubai (Dave Magee), 3. Powerful Poe (Todd Warren), 4. King Mufassa (Michael Oosting), 5. Skyline Road (Marcus Miller), 6. Fox Valley Legend (Dale Hiteman)

Race Four

The Director's Award

2-Year-Old Filly Stake ICF Pace

1. Fox Valley Amanda (Dale Hiteman), 2. M A Refling (Marcus Miller), 3. Fox Valley Shiver (Todd Warren), 4. Fox Valley Roxanne (Michael Cox), 5. Amazing Summer (Michael Oosting), 6. Thesleazyprincess (Michael Oosting), 7. Fox Valley Flora (Brian Carpenter), 8. My Little Bit (Marcus Miller), 9. Rds Master Revrac (Ronnie Gillespie), 10. Cheap Wine On Ice (Marcus Miller)

Race Five

The Windy Skeeter

3-Year-Old Filly Stake ICF Trot

1. Trot Fudge Sundae (Dave Magee), 2. Fox Valley Roxy (Dean Magee), 3. Sara The Spy (Todd Warren), 4. Just For Fun (Casey Leonard), 5. Little Ms Chrissy (Robert Taylor)

Race Six

The Shawnee 2-Year-Old Filly Stake ICF Trot

1. Bailey's Wish (Dave Magee), 2. Say No Mo (John De Long), 3. Rollette (Marcus Miller), 4. S V Spirit (Todd Warren), 5. Lora Lee Breeze (Mariyah Mulvey), 6. Fox Valley Hosanna (Michael Oosting), 7. Wacko (Ryan Anderson), 8. Reina Bonita (Casey Leonard), 9. Fox Valley Lotus (John Roberts)

Race Seven

Horse & Gelding Stake

4-Year-Olds & Up ICF Trot

1. Hong Kong Kwyne (Dale Hiteman), 2. Monticello Lane (Robert Taylor), 3. Lookin' Ahead (Kyle Wilfong), 4. Fox Valley Arrow (Casey Leonard), 5. Itzaziam (Michael Oosting), 6. Vaporstar (Dave Magee), 7. Outrageous Speed (Michael White)

Race Eight

The Time Dancer

3-Year-Old Filly Stake ICF Pace

1. Aliyah Maria (Todd Warren), 2. Mystical Danica (Marcus Miller), 3. Butterfly Kisser (Dave Magee), 4. Feel Like Dancing (Kyle Wilfong), 5. R Ciao Baby (Dean Magee), 6. Incredible Filly (Michael Cox), 7. Dallas Jones (Casey Leonard)

Race Nine

County Fair Championship

3-Year-Old Fillies ICF Pace

1. Te's Ruffian (Dave Magee), 2. Nice Party (Michael Oosting), 3. Romantic Legacy (Issac Love), 4. Cruisin' The  Nile (Todd Warren), 5. Fox Valley Lena (Jay Garrels), 6. Mystery Box (Dirk Simpson), 7. Rockin Reba (John De Long), 8. Little Miss Kathy (David Martin), 9. Cranberry Muffler (Jared Finn), 10. Queen Beatrice (Darla Martin)

Post Time: 3:05 p.m.

Race One

Amateur Pace Race

1. Boodro (Timothy Bauman), 2. Nonsuit (Ben Stringer), 3. Tia Maria Hanover (Hannah Miller), 4. Willing Heart (Jasmin Arnold), 5. Sleazy Mr E (Anthony Somone), 6. Spill The Beans (Dillon Cox)


Race One

County Fair Challenge Consolation

2-Year-Old Fillies ICF Pace

1. Glissando (Clay Simpson), 2. Ineverkissandtell (Ronnie Gillespie), 3. Watchbellepace (Michael Rogers), 4. Tessa (Casey Leonard), 5. Amispicyorwhat (Michael Cox), 6. Little Sister (Paul Cavett), 7. Shootin To Win (Wm. Larry Binkley)

Race Two

County Fair Challenge Championship

2-Year-Old Fillies ICF Pace

1. Fox Valley Twist (Jamaica Patton), 2. M A Duty (Ronnie Gillespie), 3. Syd's Lollipop (Freddie Patton Jr.), 4. Kiwi Party (John De Long), 5. Fox Valley Corinne (Jamaica Patton), 6. Kiss This Perch (J.D. Finn)

Race Three

County Fair Challenge Championship

2-Year-Old Colts & Geldings ICF Pace

1. Splendid Party (Derrick Flowers), 2. Back At Cha (Marcus Miller), 3. Independent Dude (Dean Magee), 4. Go Run N Tellthat (John Roberts), 5. Fox Valley Ace (Jay Garrels), 6. Tower Power (Freddie Patton Jr.), 7. Surf's Up (Ronnie Gillespie), 8.  Whatwillhebe (Dean Magee), 9. Overloaded (Kyle Wilfong), 10. I Bizel The Shizel (John De Long)

Race Four

Horse & Gelding Stake 4-Year-olds & Up ICF Pace

1. Cole Heat (John De Long), 2. A Cool Card (Marcus Miller), 3. Fox Valley Yukon (Kyle Wilfong), 4. Mighty Oak Perfect (Freddie Patton Jr.)

Race Five

The Dudley Hanover

3-Year-Old Colts & Geldings Stake Pace

1. Tracy's Hero (Dean Magee), 2. Fancy Creek Elusiv (Dave Magee), 3. Ohtobeavet (Michael Cox), 4. Mystical Walter (Casey Leonard), 5. Sage Ruck (Michael Oosting), 6. Ready (Dean Magee)

Race Seven

County Fair Challenge Consolation

3-Year-Old Colts & Geldings ICF Pace

1. Mr Blue Jeans (Michael Rogers), 2. Fox Valley Dylan (Ronnie Gillespie), 3. Incredibly Sporty (Darla Martin), 4. Butteronmytoast (Kyle Wilfong), 5. Tim's Finale (Michael Oosting), 6. Black As Could Be (Dean Magee), 7. Boss Henry (Thomas Graham Jr.), 8. Colechester (Michael Oosting)

Race Eight

County Fair Challenge Championship

3-Year-Old Colts & Geldings Pace

1. Ricky Bobbie (Michael Rogers), 2. Mr Three Quarters (Freddie Patton Jr.), 3. Sadies Art (Tom T. Tetrick), 4. Rita Mae Brush (no driver listed), 5. Hersman (Michael Oosting), 6. Checkout My Body (John De Long), 7. Party Cove (Todd Warren)

Race Nine

The Governors Cup

2-Year-Old Colt & Gelding Stake ICF Pace

1. Fox Valley Deuce (Dale Hiteman), 2. Badger Quinn (Marcus Miller), 3. Unlocked (Dave Magee), 4. One Sure Apache (Michael Oosting), 5. Traffic Cop (Todd Warren), 6. Pg Three (Michael Oosting)

Race 10

Filly & Mare Stake 4-Year-Olds & Up Pace

1. Nina Coleada (Todd Warren), 2. Fox Valley Touche (Dale Hiteman), 3. Just By Design (Dave Magee), 4. Fox Valley Hermia (Michael Oosting), 5. Fox Valley Matinee (Brian Carpenter), 6. Willow Gramm (Marcus Miller), 7. Pardon (John De Long)