Cowden-Herrick, Beecher City Considering Sports Options


Published on June 17 2014 5:56 am
Last Updated on June 17 2014 5:56 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Cowden-Herrick school officials say they've received some interest from the Ramsey school district as to co-operating in certain sports.

Cowden-Herrick Superintendent Darrell Gordon said Ramsey has interest, but said things are at a very preliminary stage. Gordon said the contact with Ramsey was prompted when the Beecher City district sent out feelers to other districts as to interest in co-operating.

Beecher City Superintendent Scott Cameron said his board asked that other districts be contacted due to a lack of athletes from Cowden-Herrick. The districts have co-operated in several sports in recent years, with the remarkable success of their girls basketball team a highlight. However, Cowden-Herrick had no athletes play baseball this past season and only one girl play softball.

The lack of participation led Beecher City to contact Stewardson-Strasburg, St. Elmo and Altamont as to interest in co-oping. Stewardson-Strasburg has instead decided to co-op with Windsor, and St. Elmo and Brownstown have begun discussions about consolidating their districts. Cameron said Altamont was not interested in co-oping beyond the sports where the districts have worked together in past years. Cameron said he has also contacted Ramsey as to their interest, as has Gordon.

Beecher City and Cowden-Herrick had discussions a year ago about co-oping in all sports, but the talks broke down when Beecher City wanted have the sponsoring school in each sport retain its colors and mascot, and Cowden-Herrick wanted to choose new colors and have the students from both schools decide on a mascot.