St. Anthony Competes In Scholastic Bowl Matches


Published on March 21 2014 2:33 pm
Last Updated on March 21 2014 2:33 pm
Written by Millie Lange

St. Anthony hosted Sigel St. Michael and Newton St. Thomas Tuesday in Scholastic Bowl.

St. Anthony's eighth-grade teams won both matches, defeating St. Michael, 300-30, and St. Thomas, 160-145.  Individual scorers for St. Anthony were John Hartke and Alex Beesley with 60 tossup points each, Maryann Saba with 50 tossup points and Logan Klitzing with 10.

In the seventh-grade matchup, St. Anthony defeated St. Michael, 240-60, and St. Thomas, 180-60. Scoring for St. Anthony were Aidan Steineman with 80 individual tossup points, Alex Erickson with 40, Alli Day with 30, Zach Dust with 20, and Jared Hoene with 10.

The St. Anthony team traveled to Mattoon Middle School to play Mattoon and Cumberland Thursday.  The eighth-grade team split, defeating Mattoon, 225-135, and losing to Cumberland, 275-175.  In the game against Cumberland, individual scorers were Alex Beesley with 70 tossup points, John Hartke with 20, Maryann Saba and Logan Klitzing with 10 each. The individual scores from the Mattoon game were unavailable.

The seventh-grade team also split, defeating Cumberland, 145-125 in overtime, and losing to Mattoon, 165-125.  Individual scorers for St. Anthony's seventh-grade team were Aidan Steineman with 80 tossup points, Alex Erickson with 40, and Makenna Thomas, Zach Dust, and Alli Day each contributing 10.