TSKL, Cal Ripken, Prep, Junior Roundup -- June 27


Published on June 28 2013 8:00 am
Last Updated on June 28 2013 8:00 am
Written by Millie Lange


Russ Braunecker Oldsmobile took a 3-0 lead in the second and went on to down Elks Club 8-4 in action at Community Park Thursday evening.

Braunecker had a four-run fourth. Preston Latch hit a grand slam for the winners. Stoneburner added a double and an RBI.

Elks Club was led by Bolyard and Bridges with a single and double each. Bolyard added an RBI while Lankford had a triple and an RBI.

In the second contest, Rotary Club took the early lead and went on for a 10-7 win over Baseball Card Connection.

Rotary had 12 hits in the contest while Derek Kuhl pitched a six-hitter for the victory. Parker Wolfe hit a single, double and solo home run while Kuhl had a single, two doubles and two RBI. Nuxoll added a single, triple and an RBI.

Feldhake and Conkling led Baseball Card Connection with a single, double and two RBI each.

At Community Park

Game One

Russ Braunecker          030    41    --     8-5-0

Elks Club                        001    12    --     4-6-0

WP -- Gavin Wernsing. LP -- Cooper Bridges.

Russ Braunecker -- Prince, single; Stoneburner, double, 1 RBI; Boggs, single, 1 RBI; Thomas, 1 RBI; Latch, home run (fourth, three on), 4 RBI; Koester, single, 1 RBI

Elks Club -- Bolyard, single, double, 1 RBI; Moser, single, 1 RBI; Bridges, single, double; Lewis, 1 RBI; Lankford, triple, 1 RBI

Game Two

Rotaryi Club                                  400    024    --    10-12-0

Baseball Card Connection          011     113    --     7-  6-0

WP -- Derek Kuhl. LP -- Conner Weber.

Rotaryi Club -- Wolfe, single, double, home run (first, none on), 1 RBI; Kuhl, single, 2 doubles, 2 RBI; Walden, double, 2 RBI; Coleman, single, 1 RBI; Budde, single; Nuxoll, single, triple, 1 RBI; Sparr, double, 2 RBI; Allen, 1 RBI

Baseball Card Connection -- Feldhake, single, double, 2 RBI; Christenson, double, 2 RBI; Massey, 1 RBI; Conkling, single, double, 2 RBI; Weber, single



Arab Pest Control took a 7-1 first inning lead and tallied a 14-6 win over Northside Ford in action at Community Park Thursday.

Arab's Luke Ungrund pitched a four-hitter and had two singles and two RBI. Tyler Runde and Jacob Cameron had a double each for Northside Ford.

In the second contest, DEKALB trailed Arrow Pest Control 4-2 going into the fifth then scored two in that inning and one in the sixth to pull out a 5-4 win. Ben Strullmeyer pitched a two-hitter.

Lucas Vasquez had a single, double and drove in a run for the winners. Jett Gillum had a double and two RBI.

At Community Park

Game One

Northside Ford                122    001    --     6-4

Arab Pest Control           734    00x    --    14-6

WP -- Luke Ungrund. LP -- Tyler Runde.

Northside Ford -- Tyler Runde, double; Trenton Schwerdt, single; Davis Tingley, 1 RBI; Jacob Cameron, double; Blake Fitzgerald, single, 1 RBI

Arab Pest Control -- Luke Ungrund, 2 singles, 2 RBI; Kaleb French, single, 1 RBI; Nick Bishop, single, 1 RBI; Austin Pontious, single, 2 RBI; Collin Hartke, single

Game Two

Arrow Pest Control          202    000    --    4-2

DEKALB                             010    121    --    5-4

WP -- Ben Strullmeyer. LP -- Justin Buennemeyer.

Arrow Pest Control -- Jett Gillum, double, 2 RBI; Conner Reardon, single

DEKALB -- Ben Strullmeyer, single; Lucas Vasquez, single, double, 1 RBI; Mitchell Heuerman, double, 1 RBI



The Teutopolis Warriors and Teutopolis Jaguars were winners in Prep League competition at Evergreen Hollow Park Thursday.

The Warriors took a 3-0 first inning lead over JCR Carpentry then claimed an 11-2 win behind just three hits.

Jack Goeckner had a single, double and two RBI for the winners. Callaway Campton had the only hits for JCR with two singles and an RBI.

In the second contest, the Teutopolis Jaguars had a 4-2 lead then built on that with a six-run fifth and went on to claim a 13-8 win over Taylor Law Offices.

The Jaguars had nine hits in the contest led by J. Bloemer with a single and double and E. Dust with two doubles and two RBI. N. Probst had two singles and drove in three runs.

Ryan Sandifer led Taylor Law with two singles, a double and an RBI.

Game One

Teutopolis Warriors           301    220    3    --    11-3

JCR Carpentry                    001    100    0     --      2-2

WP -- Jack Goeckner. LP -- Callaway Campton.

Teutopolis Warriors -- Jack Goekcner, single, double, 2 RBI; Alex Thoele, 1 RBI; Kendal Ballman, double; Josh Hardiek, 1 RBI

JCR Carpentry -- Callaway Campton, 2 singles, 1 RBI

Game Two

Teutopolis Jaguars          402    061    --    13-9

Taylor Law                        201    113    --      8-8

WP -- J. Bloemer. LP -- John Higgs.

Teutopolis Jaguars -- J. Bloemer, single, double; E. Dust, 2 doubles, 2 RBI; D. Smith, 2 singles; N. Probst, 2 singles, 3 RBI; L. Drees, single, 1 RBI; D. Beckman, 1 RBI

Taylor Law -- Mason Hull, 2 singles, 2 RBI; Brett Koester, triple; Patrick Sherrod, single; Ryan Sandifer, 2 singles, double, 1 RBI; Paul Smith, single, 1 RBI



Mid-Illinois Concrete trailed Washington Savings Bank 1-0 until the fourth then tallied four runs and went on for an 8-6 win.

Washington Savings Bank had a five-run sixth but couldn't overcome those middle innings by Mid-Illinois. Caden Miller picked up the pitching win.

At Paul Smith Field

Washington Savings Bank          100    005    0    --    6-9-1

Mid-Illinois Concrete                   000    431    x    --    8-8-0

WP -- Caden Miller. LP -- Blake Kitten.

No hits listed.