North Clay Resolves Conflict of Interest Question


Published on January 10 2014 9:06 am
Last Updated on January 10 2014 9:06 am
Written by Greg Sapp

North Clay school board members Thursday addressed the question of a possible conflict of interest involving one of their members.

During the public comment portion of the school board's meeting, local resident Bryan West spoke about a possible conflict of interest with a board member's child being involved in a party in August. The Board subsequently changed the district's athletic policy as it affected those at the party.  After an outcry from some in the community over the impression switching the policy gave, the Board voted to go back to the earlier policy.

West's question was first asked at a special meeting on December 23 and West asked whether the Board would address it at last night's meeting.  Another local resident, Scott Healy reiterated the same allegation made at the previous meeting and asked what the Board was going to do about it. When a board member spoke about how it could be handled, West asked for it to be addressed at last night's session.  Another board member spoke about how she had spoken with Superintendent Monty Aldrich as to how it could be addressed.  When asked whether the matter was a closed session topic, Aldrich said he couldn't discuss whether it was on the closed session agenda.

At the end of the closed session, a statement was made that "in response to the public comments, an attorney's advice was sought and no legal conflict of interest was identified."

The Board also heard a question from a member regarding some specific bills relating to personnel. The matter was discussed during the closed session, and the Board then voted to pay those bills.

In regular business, the North Clay board renewed the contracts of principal Penny Arnold and Special Services Coordinator Jody Aldrich for next school year with a 1.5% salary increase, and approved a 1.5% salary increase for Superintendent Monty Aldrich for next school year.  The Board accepted the resignation of District Technology Coordinator Phil Bute effective January 17 and authorized the Administration to hire a new coordinator before the next Board meeting.  They also hired Kate Quinones as facilitator at the beginning paraprofessional pay rate and approved Roy Taylor as a volunteer assistant high school basketball coach.