Cowden-Herrick Schools Look to Improve Security


Published on July 15 2013 3:21 pm
Last Updated on July 15 2013 3:21 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Cowden-Herrick Board of Education has approved steps designed to improve security at district buildings.

The Board received a 50/50 maintenance grant that will pay half the cost of work to change interior door locks. and allow building secretaries to buzz in visitors once they establish the reason for the visit.  Audio and video surveillance equipment will be installed to contact the visitors before they're allowed to enter.

The equipment will be installed at all three attendance centers and will cost the District about $6,500.

Superintendent Darrell Gordon said the Board also agreed to fence replacement and installation work at all three buildings, particularly to restrict those in the parking areas from the playground areas at a cost of about $14,000, plus some asbestos abatement work at the principal's office and an adjoining room at Cowden.

The Board agreed to move ahead with work to sort out district boundaries with the Beecher City district.  Gordon said the effort dates back to the 50's when the Cowden and Herrick districts consolidated.  He said there are some parcels in the Holliday community that are still being sorted out, now that old maps have been located in Effingham that outline who lives in what districts.

Board members hired Gene Wilson as a bus driver, and authorized the administration to secure a candidate for the junior high boys basketball coach's job.