Niemerg Concerned About Eliminating Subminimum Wage


Published on May 24 2024 9:44 am
Last Updated on May 24 2024 9:46 am
Written by Greg Sapp


Illinois could phase out a sub-minimum wage for disabled workers, but one local legislator says the move could hurt those it is intended to help.

The Illinois House approved House Bill 793, which eliminates the subminimum wage for disabled employees and requires a gradual ramp-up of wages to align with the minimum wage.

If the Senate also passes the legislation, the Illinois Department of Human Services would receive $2 million to distribute to help subsidize the change.

Local State Representative Adam Niemerg said, "There are numerous not-for-profit orgnizations that go out of their way to create positions for people with disabilities. The intent is more about fostering a sense of accomplishment and empowerment for individuals with disabilities than the actual jobs they perform. These jobs exist in large part because of the subminimum wage. This legislation is well-intentioned, but will do more harm than good."

If the bill passes the Senate, the subminimum wage would be prohibited starting in 2029.