Plenty of Information Shared at PAVE Breakfast


Published on May 25 2023 10:59 am
Last Updated on May 25 2023 11:02 am
Written by Greg Sapp


The PAVE Community Breakfast Thursday provided plenty of information as well as good nourishment.

Effingham Unit 40 Superintendent Andy Johnson shared about activities in the district. Johnson indicated that the network problems experienced by the district earlier this year were the result of a cyberattack. As he put it, "someone from another country invaded our world." He also shared that businesses wanting to take precautions to avoid a similar result should feel free to contact the district for information. He also suggested that our experiences dealing with COVID-19 prepared the district for the cyberattack.

Johnson also shared about the district's acquisition of Little Lambs Early Childhood Center. The preschool operation, now to be known as Little Hearts Early Childhood Center, was purchased to provide slots for the young children of those who want to work for Unit 40. The operation, to be headed by Early Childhood Director Jennifer Fox, is to go into operation on July 1. 

Johnson reiterated that no child will be bumped if they are already part of the program.

PAVE Coordinator Brittany Sunderman shared about the various activities underway. Sunderman shared about a new PAVE logo, childcare initiatives, work on Evergreen Bark Park and the skate park being upgraded at Hendelmeyer Park, the ongoing need for housing, and the interview clothing drive that will lead to the Dress for Success event on July 29. She also suggested the new website,, where you can find out more about volunteer opportunities in the area.

The featured speaker was Teresa McCloy, who shared about her book, "Do What Matters: Live from Rest, Not Rush". McCloy shared what she learned from her son's death due to drug addiction, but her own addiction to work and steps she's taken to address that issue.