Teutopolis School Board Hears from Bus Drivers, Discusses Softball Accommodations


Published on October 18 2022 10:23 am
Last Updated on October 18 2022 4:12 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Teutopolis school board members Monday heard from a number of the district's bus drivers. 

The consensus of the drivers was that they love their jobs, but they are hopeful that the district can come up with some additional drivers. Several indicated that if more drivers aren't located, they will have to consider their options as far as another job. The drivers say that they want to have the flexibility of taking days off and don't feel that days off is an option without more people to share driving duties.

There were also comments that they would like an increase in pay, since some districts pay more. 

Board President Courtney Tegeler thanked the drivers for their input, reminding though that personnel matters would need to be discussed in closed session.

The Board also reviewed discussions with the Teutopolis Park District regarding improvements to the softball fields at the village park. The school uses the fields for softball, and there have been complaints that the fields aren't comparable to what the school district offers for baseball. 

Rough figures for building a new field and for upgrading the village fields were discussed at Monday's meeting, with $300,000 discussed for renovating the village fields and a new facility costing anywhere from $800,000 to $1.1 million. School officials have held discussions with the Park District, and are hopeful of further dialogue soon.

The Board Monday also heard from Sasha Althoff and Todd Hull from the City of Effingham about changes to the Effingham/Effingham County Enterprise Zone. Those changes would include a residential component where property taxes would be abated for a certain number of years and an elimination of sales tax on the purchase of materials to be used on projects in the enterprise zone. The Board expects to vote on the issue at their November meeting.

The Board accepted a resignation from Hannah Apple as high school Spring Musical Director, hired Kevin Jamison as part-time afternoon bus driver, and hired Jody Doyle as a three-hour cook at the junior high school.