Altamont City Council Terminates Electrical Supervisor


Published on May 23 2012 11:34 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Altamont City Council has terminated the city's electrical department supervisor.  The action came at a special Council meeting Friday afternoon.

The Council met with several citizens at the meeting upset about the removal of some trees along Main Street near Klitzing Park.  The trees were removed to relocate an electrical service line out of a grass alley and along Main to serve some customers north of town.

The trees were along the property of Rex and Stephanie Homann, but were in the boulevard along the street, which is City right-of-way.  However, the trees had been purchased by the homeowner and planted in the boulevard at their expense. 

Residents were also disappointed because they had been given no notice that the trees would be removed.

As the meeting continued, other concerns were voiced over alleged past practices of the electrical department supervisor, Richard Eric Morris, a 24-year employee of the City, and his treatment of citizens. 

After hearing the citizen concerns, Altamont Mayor Larry Taylor apologized for the situation and the City will be replacing the trees.

The Council went into closed session to discuss personnel.  When they came back into open session, Council members voted 3-1 with one abstention to terminate Morris' employment.  Commissioner Richard Frailey, who oversees the electrical department, abstained from voting.  Mayor Taylor voted No on the motion, saying his vote was due to Morris not being present to speak on his behalf.  Morris was on vacation at the time of the meeting.  Commissioners Bill Jones, Jason Williams and Jerry White voted in favor of the termination.

Josh Shamhart has taken over electrical department supervisor duties at this point for Altamont.