Plan Commission Approves Two Site Plans for Projects


Published on February 13 2019 4:42 pm
Last Updated on February 13 2019 4:42 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

The Effingham City Plan Commission has approved site plans for two upcoming projects.

Commissioners approved a plan for a machine storage building for Beck's Hybrids at 2100 Bourgeois Drive. City Engineer Jeremy Heuerman said the 50,000 square foot structure will be used to store tractors and wagons. The old farmhouse and most of the outbuildings on the site will be taken down to make room for the storage structure.

A site plan was also approved for a new building for Effingham Storage Solutions at 2301 South Banker Street. The 46,750 square foot facility will replace buildings damaged by fire last year. Lee Kaufman is developing the facility.

The other items addressed by the Commission dealt with Oakridge Cemetery. Public hearings were held concerning portions of the cemetery along Jefferson, Fayette and Temple Avenues. The cemetery property is to be replatted into one large lot. The project is related to plans to expand the cemetery's public property building along East Jefferson Avenue. The property involved will all be zoned R-2 or general residential, with a special use permit to operate the cemetery on the parcel.

Also related to the project is the vacation of Clifford Street, a north-south undeveloped roadway on the cemetery property and the land to house the expansion of the public property building.