North Clay Board Acts on Handbooks, Construction Projects


Published on May 17 2018 5:21 pm
Last Updated on May 17 2018 5:21 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

North Clay school board members Wednesday approved changes and revisions in their student handbooks for the coming school year.

A vote to approve the changes as presented to the high school handbook passed 6-0 and a vote to approve changes to the grade school handbook passed 6-0.

A motion was made to approve the athletic handbook, as presented. That motion failed 3-3. Another motion was made to approve while striking two bullet points involving open gyms, practices and some additional rules, but that motion failed 3-3. A third motion was then made to approve the athletic handbook, as presented (the same motion as the first motion), and this time, the measure passed 4-2 with one board member changing their vote.

The Board approved two construction projects. One involves HVAC construction work at the high school to Culbertson Heating and Cooling of Vandalia for $368,912 with board member Smith voting against. The Board then approved masonry and roof work at the junior high building to Evans-Mason of Springfield for $186,457 on a 4-0 vote. Health/Life Safety funds will be used to pay for the work.

Board members heard from PE teachers Kaitlin Zink and Brian Wattles to discuss the possibility of implementing standard uniforms at a cost for the coming school year and discussed several reasons why they supported the plan. The Board voted to implement the change and the $10 fee as part of fees for the coming year on a 3-2 vote. 

The Board also heard from Transportation Director Bryan West regarding the District's need to keep up with maintaining the fleet or fall well behind. The Board agreed to seek bids on two new propane buses with trade-in.

Board members approved a tentative amended budget for the current school year; approved membership in the Illinois Association of School Boards for the coming year; and approved a memorandum of understanding with the Southeast Special Education Governing Board.

Several actions were taken regarding personnel. The Board approved a salary schedule for all non-certified employees for the next three school years; rehired all coaches for the coming school year; accepted the resignation of Jonathon Smith as 5th/6th grade basketball coach; accepted the resignation of Jacob Kueker as teacher and coach as of the end of the school year; hired Aubrey Wheeler as a high school Science teacher for the coming school year; hired Amanda Loker as an elementary teacher for the coming school year; hired Rendell Flood as a PE teacher for the coming school year; accepted resignations from Steve Wilson as a bus driver as of the end of the school year and from Jill Johnson as administrative assistant as of July 31st; and accepted a maternity leave for Lindsey Wendling at the beginning of the coming school year.