Man Walking Across the Nation Promoting Peace and Understanding


Published on August 18 2016 10:24 am
Last Updated on August 18 2016 10:26 am
Written by Greg Sapp

James Anania is just like many Americans. Distressed over the tenor of the conversation in the country about matters of race, police vs. citizens and citizens vs. police, the presidential contest and other issues.

Unlike most Americans, Anania decided to do something constructive about it. He's walking across the nation.

Anania flew to Washington, DC, built a cross and is walking back home to Los Angeles. Asked why he's carrying the cross, he said he is a Christian and wants to work as a believer to promote peace and understanding among his fellow Americans.

Anania said he's seen many instances of God blessing his efforts, particularly in how he has been received by people across the country once they learn of the reason for his walk.

Dressed in walking clothes and sporting a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap, Anania is using two-lane roadways for his journey. Asked whether he's a Dodgers fan or just wearing the hat because it fits, Anania said he won't promote something he doesn't believe in. He is staying in motels, but always returns to the spot where he stops walking for the night to resume his journey each day.

Our Greg Sapp visited with James Anania along Route 40 between Effingham and Teutopolis Tuesday evening. Here's their conversation...

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