Library Board Approves Construction Documents


Published on October 16 2012 11:24 am
Last Updated on July 14 2013 12:07 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Helen Matthes Library board members Monday approved the start of work on construction documents that will guide the conversion of the 5th/3rd Bank building into the new library home.

Library Director Amanda McKay said the design work will cost roughly $124,000.  McKay said the work should be completed within four months, rather than the six months first expected so that should move up the date for the start of actual renovation work.

Meanwhile, McKay reported that the date for the transfer of the bank property to the library is November 1.  5th/3rd is to move to their new home in the next few days.

McKay also said work continues to finalize marketing materials for the library project fundraising campaign.

The Library Board passed the fiscal year levy, which totals $817,000.  McKay said the City's ability to refinance the bonds issued to fund an early retirement incentive a couple of years ago allowed less money to be levied by the library for IMRF expenses and that funding was transferred to liability insurance coverage.  The amount of the levy, though, is unchanged.

McKay reminded Board members that this year's Family Read Night is set for November 15, and will be held at the 5th/3rd building, the new library home.  Also, board member John Latta presented the plaque he received on behalf of the 2009 Helen Matthes Library Board for its decision not to ban a book when requested by a patron.  The award was presented to Latta by the Illinois Library Association at its annual meeting earlier this month in Peoria.