Plan Commission Okays Changes for Two Local Developments


Published on March 10 2016 11:03 am
Last Updated on March 10 2016 11:03 am
Written by Greg Sapp

The Effingham City Plan Commission okayed changes at this week's meeting to help with the development of two local projects.

Commissioners approved site plans for the Truck Centers, Inc. location on the city's west side and for a northerly expansion of the Meyer Oil Company operation on South Banker. The Truck Centers project will be located west of the interstate and north of Truckomat via a street east off Outer Belt West. The street is to be called Gillenwater Avenue, in honor of former mayor and current City Commissioner Merv Gillenwater. Effingham has a tradition of naming streets after past mayors. The site plan includes a proposed 36,000 square foot building

The Meyer Oil project involves the additional diesel fuel islands north of the existing development at the corner of Banker and Jaycee. A proposed westerly extension of Edgewood Avenue is a part of the project to provide access to the addition and to land farther west of the development.

Commission members also agreed to recommend rezoning all of the Meyer Oil property at the site from light industrial district to general commercial district, with a final decision resting with the City Council. The Commission also recommended to the Council that a road and utility easement on Calico Road be vacated to make way for the Truck Centers project.

Commissioners also voted to recommend the Council approve plats of Bissell and Robes Subdivision, which is the site of the Truck Centers project, and of Meyer Oil Subdivision.