Huge Turnout for Bret Michaels Birthday Bash at The Effingham Performance Center


Published on March 16 2014 9:04 am
Written by Wayne Moran

The Effingham Performance Center was nearly packed Saturday night for Bret Michaels, lead singer of Poison, who appeared for the second time at the EPC. The show, billed as the Bret Michaels Birthday Bash, did not disappoint. Those we've heard from say the concert was fantastic.

Bret Michaels speaking to local media before the show

Our Tonya Siner was there for the show (fitting, since it was her birthday as well), and had the chance to speak with Bret before the show. He talked about his life with diabetes (Bret was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes when he was six years old), touring with Poison and how his foundation called Life Rocks is giving back.

(direct link to audio)

If you attended the show, let us know how it was. We've got a thread about the show on our Facebook page, located here. We'll also link photos of the show from The EPC once they're posted.

Bret Michaels with Beth Andes (left), owner of Andes Healthmart Pharmacy in Effingham, and a member of the t1 Sweeties (center). The T1 Sweeties is a local diabetes support group. Andes Healthmart has a gallery of images of the group at the show on their Facebook page, localted here.