Gail Warner


I am Gail Warner. I graduated from Cumberland High School in 1987 and Lake Land College In 1989. Teachers at Lake Land said watching me in the radio studio was like watching the Solid Gold Dancers, all of them! And that I made a hyperactive hamster look like a salted slug. I guess I received the DJ of the Year award for my excessive energy? Since graduating I worked in the radio business for several years, then life kind of got in the way.

I have a son, Mitch and a daughter Lydia. Mitch has given me and my husband Joe another wonderful daughter, Nikkii and two exceptional grandchildren, Logan and Megan. My daughter Lydia has gone through many surgeries at Shriners Hospital and is why I stepped away from radio over 10 years ago. I focused on her well being, but I always wanted to get back to my love for radio! Our granddaughter was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at two weeks old, so we not only sell baked goods to raise money for Shriners, but now are trying to help find a cure for CF.

Life has brought many challenges, but radio has always been something that excites me! I think getting back to something that makes me happy is the way to go and maybe I can find some of that energy that my teachers saw so many years ago.