Friday, Saturday Results from Class A State Track Meet


Published on May 11 2013 10:12 am
Last Updated on May 14 2013 6:38 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Junior high state qualifiers for Altamont are, first row, left to right, Audrey Winters, Hanna Wolff, Jesus Flores, Mitchell Stevenson and Jarrett Austin. Ssecond row, left to right, Keidron Duckwitz, Maci Hanna, Destiny Evans, Sydney Zacha, Mackenzie Hoene, Tinley Mette, Morgan Phillips, Ashley Goeckner and Nate Brown. Third row, left to right, girls Coach Rob Niemerg, Elizabeth Biggs, Brooke Burns, Shelbi Stone, Carly McHugh, Brooke Stuckemeyer, Leah Mayhaus, Jacob Crow, McKenzie Goldstein, Hannah Paquette, Kassie Shelton, Dakota Shepard and boys Coach Mike Delaney. Those who placed at state were Hanna Wolff sixth in discus, eighth in shot, Nate Brown eighth in discus, Keidron Duckwitz second in pole vault and Audrey Winters sixth in pole vault.

Friday and Saturday action at the Class A State Junior High Track Meet generated two area state champions and one new state meet record.

Anna Sophia Keller of Sacred Heart School won the State 1600 meter championship and set a record in the process.  Keller's time of 5:03.8 knocked more than a second off the previous record time of 5:04.91, set in 2003.

Keller already holds the seventh-grade Class A 1600 meter record, set in 2012.

The other area state championship Friday was won by Jolene Bueker of Sigel St. Michael School, who claimed first place in the pole vault, going eight feet.

In Saturday competition, Andrew McWhorter of Sigel St. Michael won the eighth-grade pole vault with a new record of 12 feet, 9 1/2 inches.

Two more pole vaulters claimed titles. Jolene Bueker of Sigel St. Michael won in the seventh-grade girls meet with a distance of eight feet.

Kristin Slaughter of Effingham St. Anthony won the eighth-grade girls with a distance of 10 feet.

Here are the other results from action involving area athletes:


Friday --

Pole Vault -- Collin Kreke of Sigel St. Michael fourth and Keegan Martin of Cowden-Herrick DNP

Long Jump -- Jarrett Austin of Altamont 33rd, Bryton Dittamore of Cumberland 22nd

110 Meter Hurdles -- Mitchell Stevenson of Altamont 12th in the prelims, 12th in the semifinals

100 Meter Dash -- Ryan Yaw of Cumbeland 17th in the prelims

400 Meter Run -- Bryton Dittamore of Cumberland 27th and Mitchell Stevenson of Altamont 20th

1600 Meter Run -- Clayton Helmink of Sacred Heart 13th and Jordan Schumacher of Sigel St. Michael 15th

Saturday --

Discus -- Nate Brown of Altamont eighth and Isaac Kramer of Stewardson-Strasburg 13th

High Jump -- Mitchell Stevenson of Altamont ninth and Nate Brown of Altamont, DNP

Shot -- Nathan Carter of Cumberland 11th and Isaac Kramer of Stewardson-Strasburg 24th

200 -- Ryan Yaw of Cumberland 10th and Jack Nuxoll of St. Anthony 34th

800 -- Tanner Clark of Stewardson-Strasburg 10th and Clayton Helmink of Sacred Heart 17th

400 Relay -- Effingham St. Anthony (Jake Brandt, Jack Nuxoll, Nick Goeckner, Christopher Heuerman) 15th

800 Relay -- Cumberland (Ryley Brown, Colton Scott, Trevor Curry, Evans James), 30th and St. Anthony (Alex Beesley, Wyatt Lawrence, Alex Deters, Will Willenborg), 32nd

1600 Relay -- Windsor (Bean Bennett, Seth Bricker, Jon Trussell, Gage Sattler), 34th


Friday --

Long Jump -- Josh Overbeck of Stewardson-Strasburg 10th and Seth Powell of Brownstown 37th

110 Meter Hurdles -- Jacob Bushue of Sacred Heart 26th in prelims

100 Meter Dash -- Dillon Howard of Cumberland 28th in prelims

400 Meter Run -- Derek Moschenrose of Stewardson-Strasburg 17th, Dillon Howard of Cumberland 14th

1600 Meter Run -- Andy Saba of St. Anthony 35th, Jesus Flores of Altamont 11th

Saturday --

Pole Vault -- Andrew McWhorter of Sigel St. Michael 1st with new record of 12-9 1/2, Drew Gibson of St. Anthony 10th, Brock Bueker of Sigel St. Michael 10th and Jaacob Crow of Altamont 11th

Discus -- Ty Kinkelaar of St. Anthony 18th, Brant Bueker of Sigel St. Michael 19th

High Jump -- Andrew McWhorter of Sigel St. Michael, 22nd

Shot -- Dalton Walk of Sigel St. Michael seventh and Dakota Shepard of Altamont 22nd

200 -- Josh Overbeck of Stewardson-Strasburg 22nd

800 -- Jesus Flores of Altamont 18th and Brock Bueker of Sigel St. Michael 34th

400 Relay -- Cumberland (Dillon Howard, Tanner Kingery, Keaton Titus, Ryan Yaw), 14th

800  Relay -- Stewardson-Strasburg (Derek Moschenrose, Josh Overbeck, Alex Walden, Dalton Gregory) sixth and St. Anthony (Jon Blanchette, Ethan Greene, Mitchell Sager, Jacob Schmidt) 23rd

1600 Relay -- St. Anthony (Jon Blanchette, Donovan Hammer, Andy Saba, Mitchell Sager) 26th


Friday --

High Jump -- Shelbi Stone of Altamont 22nd, Emma Weber of Newton St. Thomas 22nd

Long Jump -- Whitney Smith of Stewardson-Strasburg 24th, Blair Banning of Neoga 36th

Shot Put -- Hanna Wolff of Altamont eighth

Discus -- Hanna Wolff of Altamont 6th, Leah Jansen of Sigel St. Michael 24th

Pole Vault -- Jolene Bueker of Sigel St. Michael 1st, Claire Wortman of St. Anthony eighth, Claire Guyon of Cumberland 10th, Maci Hanna of Altamont 10th

100 Meter Hurdles -- Kasey Bean of Windsor 10th in prelims, ninth in semifinals, Emma Weber of Newton St. Thomas 25th in prelims

100 Meter Dash -- Jayla Abernathy of Neoga ninth in prelims, ninth in semifinals, Makenzie Parkison of Brownstown 11th in prelims, eighth in semifinals

400 Meter Run -- Ashley Goeckner of Altamont 15th, Abby Stone of Newton St. Thomas 29th

1600 Meter Run -- Claire Wortman of St. Anthony 40th, Morgan Gerhardt of Cumberland 11th

Saturday --

200 -- Jayla Abernathy of Neoga eighth and Kayla Abernathy of Neoga 21st

800 -- Courtney Reel of Stewardson-Strasburg seventh and Morgan Gerhardt of Cumberland 16th

400 Relay -- Brownstown (Dana Shelton, Deanna Shelton, Makenzie Parkison, Brooke Mayfield) 21st and Neoga (Jayla Abernathy, Kayla Abernathy, Jessica Atwell, Blair Banning) 36th

800 relay -- Altamont (Ashley Goeckner, Leah Mayhaus, Tinley Mette, Morgan Phillips) 14th and Neoga (Emily Coen, Aly Easton, Katlin Howald, Allison Kingery) 33rd

1600 Relay -- Neoga (Jayla Abernathy, Kayla Abernathy, Blair Banning, Katlin Howald) 10th and Altamont (Destiny Evans, Ashley Goeckner, Shelbi Stone, Brooke Stuckemeyer) 14th


Friday --

High Jump -- Kacie Hotze of Sigel St. Michael eighth, Skylar Brumleve of Cumberland DNP

Long Jump -- Jaycie Roy of Neoga 12th, Keidron Duckwitz of Altamont 22nd

Shot Put -- Jenna Woltman of St. Anthony second, Christy Hoene of Sigel St. Michael 29th

Discus -- Jenna Woltman of St. Anthony 31st, Elizabeth Biggs of Altamont 24th

100 Meter Hurdles -- Makenzie Hill of Neoga fifth in prelims, ninth in semifinals, Mackenzie Hoene of Altamont 37th in prelims

100 Meter Dash -- Kristin Slaughter of Altamont 18th in prelims, Kassie Shelton of Altamont 31st in prelims

400 Meter Run -- Kristin Slaughter of St. Anthony fourth, Jaycie Roy of Neoga 13th

1600 Meter Run -- Anna Sophia Keller of Sacred Heart first, Rachel Wortman of St. Anthony 26th

Saturday --

Pole Vault -- Kristin Slaughter of St. Anthony first, 10 feet, Keidron Duckwitz of Altamont second, Audrey Winters of Altamont sixth and Rachel Wortman of St. Anthony eighth

200 -- McKenzie Goldstein of Altamont 16th and Makenzie Hill of Neoga 18th

800 -- Anna-Sophia Keller of Sacred Heart second and Sydney Zacha of Altamont 33rd

400 Relay -- Altamont (Kassie Shelton, Carly McHugh, Mackenzie Hoene, Hannah Paquette) 15th and Effingham Sacred Heart (Victoria Garren, Anna Habing, Sidney Webster, Marci Mills), 20th

800 Relay -- Neoga (Rachel Ewing, Makenzie Hill, Nikki Miah, Jaycie Roy) eighth and Altamont (Brooke Burns, Keidron Duckwitz, McKenzie Goldstein, Audrey Winters) 14th

1600 Relay -- Sacred Heart (Anna Habing, Marci Mills, Sidney Webster, Anna-Sophia Keller) eighth and Neoga (Jaycie Roy, Rachel Ewing, Makenzie Hill, Nikki Miah) 21st