Robinson Wins Eagle Invitational; Teutopolis Won Cumberland Invitational


Published on April 27 2013 8:34 am
Last Updated on April 29 2013 7:09 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Robinson won the Newton Eagle Invitational Friday night with a total of 92 points.

The other team totals: Olney East Richland 83, Charleston 80, Effingham 76, Mattoon 66, Newton 49, Casey-Westfield 44, Teutopolis 41, Shelbyville 33, Fairfield 19, Altamont 18, St. Anthony 8, Lawrenceville 5

For Effingham: the fresh/soph 4X400 squad of Travis Durbin, Sean Zerrusen, Alex Howell and Collin Hecht won in 3:40.59...Kohdai Nishida won the long jump at 21' 6-1/2"...Nishida finished second in the 100 in :11.44...Nishida took fourth in the 200 in :24.21...Hecht finished second in the 300 intermediate hurdles in :43.63...Taylor Fatheree finished second in the 3200 and set a school record in the process in 9:53.37 (see separate story)...the 4X100 squad of Kohdai Nishida, Caydin Vaughn, Trent Barnhart and Leevi Baker finished second in :44.66...the 4X200 fresh/soph team of Zach Miller, Drew Vasquez, Alex Howell and Collin Hecht finished third in 1:39.89...the 4X200 team of Logan Howell, Caydin Vaughn, Alex Jackson and Trent Barnhart finished second in 1:36.34...and Kyle Niebrugge finished third in the high jump at 6' 0"

For Teutopolis: Riley Drees finished sixth in the 110 meter hurdles and third in the 300 intermediate hurdles...the 4X800 squad won in 8:34.96...the 4X200 team finished fourth...Cody Heuerman finished third in the long jump...Drew Kowalski finished fifth in the pole vault...and Heuerman finished second in the triple jump

For Altamont: Easton Hanna finished third in the 110 meter hurdles...and Andrew Sharp finished third in the 1600 and third in the 3200

For St. Anthony: the 4X400 fresh/soph team finished fifth in 3:50.74...Peter Keller finished fourth in the 3200 in 9:59.55...and Andrew Gardewine finished fifth in the 3200 in 10:09.43

For Newton: the 4X400 team finished third...Lucas Stone won the 400 in :52.58...the 4X100 team finished third...Corey Davidson finished fifth in the 800...Kyle Frohning finished fifth in the discus...Blake Ebeling finished sixth in the high jump...Dylan Davidson finished second in the long jump...Brandon Tolliver-Goode finished fourth in the pole vault...Dylan Davidson won the triple jump at 41' 3"

Eagle Invitational Results

At Newton High School

Team Scoring -- Robinson 92, Olney 83, Charleston 80, Effingham 76, Mattoon 66, Newton 49, Teutopolis 43, Casey-Westfield 42, Shelbyville 33, Fairfield 19, Altamont 18, Effingham St. Anthony 8, Lawrenceville 5

100 Meter Dash -- 1. Gus Lathrop, Olney, 11.40; 2. Kohdai Nishida, Effingham, 11.44; 3. Dirk Washburn, Olney, 11.50; 4. Truston Winnett, Charleston, 11.51; 5. Michael Noble, Casey-Westfield, 11.81; 6. Jacob Stephens, Mattoon, 11.84.

110M Hurdles -- 1. Alec Smith, Mattoon, 15.93; 2. Michael Akande, Robinson, 16.03; 3. Easton Hanna, Altamont, 16.16; 4. Tate Nohren, Olney, 16.53; 5. Justin Erickson, Charleston, 16.83; 6. Riley Drees, Teutopolis, 17.10.

1600m Fresh/Soph Relay -- 1. Effingham, 3:40.59; 2. Robinson, 3:43.73; 3. Mattoon, 3:44.16; 4. Shelbyville, 3:49.93; 5.Effingham St. Anthony, 3:50.74.

1600 Meter Run -- 1. Riley McInerney, Charleston), 4:26.39; 2. Cory Powers, Shelbyville, 4:32.76; 3. Andrew Sharp, Altamont, 4:36.16; 4.Tayler Garrett, Charleston, 4:38.36; 5. Drennion Martin, Shelbyville, 4:39.33; 6. Corbin Kakac, Fairfield, 4:39.73.

1600 Meter Relay -- 1. Robinson, 3:29.50; 2. Charleston, 3:34.71; 3. Newton, 3:34.91; 4. Olney,
3:36.45; 5. Teutopolis, 3:38.78.

200 Meter Dash -- 1. Gus Lathrop, Olney, 23.34; 2. Dirk Washburn, Olney, 23.67; 3. Rowdy Freeland, Charleston, 23.77; 4. Kohdai Nishida, Effingham, 24.21; 5. Dalton Winn, Mattoon, 24.25; 6. Conner Cornwell, Mattoon, 24.65.

300M Hurdles -- 1. Josh Blome, Casey-Westfield, , 42.93; 2. Colin Hecht, Effingham, 43.63; 3. Riley Drees, Teutopolis, 44.13; 4. Tate Nohren, Olney, 45.54; 5. Greg Michels, Olney, 45.87; 6. Dylan Hall, Fairfield, 45.90.

3200 Meter Run -- 1. Riley McInerney, Charleston, 9:19.90 (new meet record); 2. Taylor Fatheree, Effingham, 9:53.37; 3. Andrew Sharp, Altamont, 9:54.40; 4. Peter Keller, Effingham St. Anthony, 9:59.55; 5. Andrew Gardewine, Effingham St. Anthony, 10:09.43; 6. John Righter, Mattoon, 10:11.53.

3200 Meter Relay -- 1. Teutopolis, 8:34.96; 2. Shelbyville, 8:40.06; 3. Robinson, 8:49.37; 4. Mattoon, 8:59.48; 5. Olney, 9:15.37.

400 Meter Dash -- 1. Lucas Stone, Newton, 52.58; 2. Alex, Robinson, 53.09; 3. Austin Cohn, Charleston, 53.22; 4. Myles Foor, Shelbyville, 53.59; 5. Ben Righter, Mattoon, 54.55; 6. Cole Chipman, Robinson, 55.06.

400 Meter Relay -- 1. Olney, 44.59; 2. Effingham, 44.66; 3. Newton, 46.10; 4. Casey-Westfield, 46.20;5. Charleston, 46.26.

800 Meter Run -- 1. Blake Hale, Robinson, 1:57.51; 2. Tayler Garrett, Charleston, 1:59.35; 3. Zach Sanders, Charleston, 2:02.32; 4. Nick Dobbs, Olney, 2:03.19; 5. Corey Davidson, Newton, 2:04.75; 6. Alex Matlock, Shelbyville, 2:06.52.

800m Fresh/Soph Relay -- 1. Mattoon, 1:37.48; 2. Robinson, 1:39.82; 3. Effingham, 1:39.89; 4. Casey-Westfield, 1:40.75; 5. Fairfield, 1:40.79.

800 Meter Relay -- 1. Olney, 1:33.44; 2. Effingham, 1:36.34; 3. Mattoon, 1:37.24; 4. Teutopolis, 1:37.27; 5. Charleston, 1:38.61.

Discus -- 1. Zach Matthews, Fairfield, 148-3; 2. Nic Iovanac, Robinson, 146-1; 3. Jesse Richart, Robinson, 136-4; 4. Michael Jean, Mattoon, 135-7; 5. Kyle Frohning, Newton, 125-3; 6. Bert Maddle, Lawrenceville, 124-1.

High Jump -- 1. Jacob Stephens, Mattoon, 6-0; 2. Blaine Storer, Olney, 6-0; 3. Kyle Niebrugge, Effingham, 6-0; 4. Darren Breeden, Shelbyville, 6-0; 5. Justin Erickson,  Charleston, 6-0; 6. Blake Ebeling, Newton, 5-10.

Long Jump -- 1. Kohdai Nishida, Effingham, 21-6.50; 2. Dylan Davidson, Newton, 20-9.75; 3. Cody Heuerman, Teutopolis, 20-3; 4. Justin Hunt, Teutopolis, 20-2.25; 5. Joe Smith, Robinson, 19-0.25; 6. Alec Smith, Mattoon, 18-9.25.

Pole Vault -- 1. Riley Smith, Casey-Westfield, 14-9; 2. Chase Black, Charleston, 14-6; 3. Josh Blome, Casey-Westfield, 14-0; 4. Brandon Tolliver-Goode, Newton, 13-6; 5. Drew Kowalski, Teutopolis, 13-0; 6. Seth Keeler, Robinson, 12-6.

Shot Put -- 1. Nic Iovanac, Robinson, 52-5.50; 2. Micahel Jean, Mattoon, 45-2.50; 3. Parker Buenzli, Casey-Westfield, 43-9; 4. Max Loeb, Lawrenceville, 42-7; 5. Mikel Welton, Shelbyville, 42-6; 6. Triston Guthrie, Fairfield, 41-1.

Triple Jump -- 1. Dylan Davidson, Newton, 41-3; 2. Cody Heuerman, Teutopolis, 40-8.50; 3. Austin Weck, Robinson,40-4.50; 4. Dyllan Bailey, Fairfield, 40-4; 5. Braden Barker, Charleston, 38-7; 6. Tate Nohren, Olney, 38-2.50.


Teutopolis won the Cumberland Girls Invitational Friday night with 141 points.

Other teams and their scores: Marshall 106, Neoga 94-1/2, Cumberland 49-1/2, St. Anthony 47, Red Hill 45, Vandalia 16-1/2, St. Elmo 16, Altamont 16, Casey-Westfield 14-1/2, Oakland 12

For Teutopolis: Rachel Westendorf finished second in the 100...Morgan Drees finished third in the 100 meter hurdles and Molly Higgs finished seventh in the 100 meter hurdles...Elena Breer finished fifth in the 1600 and Emma Repking finished 13th in the 1600...the 4X400 team of Michelle Schmidt, Rachel Westendorf, Anna Hartke and Megan Weichman won in 4:24.21...Molly Higgs finished fifth in the 200...Molly Higgs won the 300 meter low hurdles in :47.96...Morgan Drees finished sixth in the 300 meter low hurdles...Emma Repking finished fifth in the 3200...McKenzie Reisner finished 13th in the 3200...the 4X800 squad of Michelle Schmidt, Emma Repking, Elena Breer and Megan Weichman finished second...Megan Weichman finished third in the 400...Michelle Schmidt finished fifth in the 400...the 4X100 team of Lauren Jansen, Maria Esker, Julia Greuel and Katelyn Ruholl finished fifth...the 4X200 squad of Lauren Jansen, Morgan Drees, Molly Higgs and Rachel Westendorf won in 1:53.28...Alissa Apke finished fourth in the discus...Clare Schnabel finished 14th in the discus...Anna Hartke won the high jump at 5' 4"...Morgan Drees finished fourth in the high jump...Maria Esker finished fifth in the long jump...Katelyn Ruholl finished ninth in the long jump...Rachel Westendorf won the pole vault at 9' 6"...Hannah Bueker finished second in the pole vault...Alyssa Platz won the shot put at 33' 2"...Sara Thoele finished sixth in the shot put...Michelle Schmidt finished second in the triple jump...Anna Hartke finished sixth in the triple jump

For Neoga: Kellie Kastl finished fourth in the 100...Mallori Harshman tied for fifth in the 100...Brittany Deters finished fourth in the 100 meter hurdles...the 4X400 team of Mallori Harshman, Demmi Long, Taylor Rich and Olivia Ott finished finished fourth...Erin Walk finished third in the 200...Mallori Harshman finished seventh in the 200...Brittany Deters finished second in the 300 meter low hurdles...Demmi Long finished third in the 300 meter low hurdles...Maddie Gibson finished fourth in the 3200...the 4X800 team of Madison Butler, Morgan Partlow, Demmi Long and Olivia Ott finished fourth...Hunter Krampe finished eighth in the 400...the 4X100 squad of Mallori Harshman, Kellie Kastl, Taylor Rich and Courtney Croy won in :53.78...Madison Butler finished eighth in the 800...the 4X200 squad of Olivia Ott, Erin Walk, Taylor Rich and Courtney Croy finished second...Ellie Buening finished third in the discus...Erin Walk tied for second in the high jump...Demmi Long finished seventh in the high jump...Olivia Ott won the long jump at 15' 3-1/2"...Ellie Buening finished seventh in the shot put...Taylor Rich won the triple jump at 32' 4-3/4"...Kellie Kastl finished fifth in the triple jump

For Cumberland: Shaina Oakley finished third in the 100...Nikki Barnes tied for fifth in the 100...Leah Hutchison finished fourth in the 1600...Leah Peters finished ninth in the 1600...the 4X400 team of Tegan Beard, Leah Peters, Logan Peters and Victoria Wilson finished third...Ivy Cornwell finished seventh in the 300 meter low hurdles and Maekayla Sowers finished eighth in the 300 meter low hurdles...Leah Hutchison finished second in the 3200...the 4X800 squad of Tegan Beard, Leah Peters, Tegan Beard and Logan Peters finished third...Tegan Beard finished second in the 400...the 4X100 squad of Ivy Cornwell, Jenna McMechan, Julie Deters and Nikki Barnes finished sixth...the 4X200 squad of Ivy Cornwell, Shaina Oakley, Brittany Wallace and Nikki Barnes finished fourth...Marla Rhoden finished in the discus...Ivy Cornwell finished fourth in the long jump...Brittany Wallace finished eighth in the triple jump

For St. Anthony: Kassy Dammerman won the 100 meter hurdles in :16.46...Sara Ragland finished fifth in the 100 meter hurdles...the 4X400 team of Lauren Wendt, Abby Brown, Sara Ragland and Elizabeth Falconburg finished fifth in 4:41.12...Carson Fonner finished third in the 3200...the 4X800 squad of Lauren Wendt, Carson Fonner, Emily Wortman and Elizabeth Falconburg finished finished sixth...Lauren Wendt finished sixth in the 400...the 4X100 team of Aly Esker, Emily McDevitt, Melissa Bushur and Madeline McDevitt finished third...Lauren Wendt finished third in the long jump...Sara Ragland finished sixth in the long jump...Sara Wortman finished third in the pole vault...Kassy Dammerman finished third in the triple jump

For St. Elmo: Kayla Osmon finished eighth in the 1600...Emily Bone finished fourth in the 400...Molly Hill won the discus at 106' 2"...Molly Hill finished fifth in the shot put

For Altamont: Leah Goldstein finished seventh in the 100...Rachel Hanna finished eighth in the 100 meter hurdles...Leah Goldstein finished second in the 200...Kelsey York finished eighth in the 200...Desiree Nelson finished fifth in the 800...the 4X200 team of Kelsey York, Tiffany Trzupek, Renee Tillman and Leah Goldstein finished sixth...Kelsey York finished fourth in the pole vault


Olney East Richland won the Olney Relays girls meet Thursday with 97 points.  Salem 59, Robinson 55, Teutopolis 54, Lawrenceville 30

Rachel Westendorf of Teutopolis won the pole vault at 7' 0"...and Teutopolis won the 4X100 shuttle in 1:23.93