Wooden Shoes Claim Mt. Vernon Doubles Title


Published on September 24 2012 7:12 am
Last Updated on September 24 2012 7:12 am
Written by Millie Lange

MOUNT VERNON --Teutopolis High School captured the championship of the Mount Vernon Doubles Tennis Invitational Saturday.

The Wooden Shoes tallied 134 points to edge Carbondale with 133.  The top two were followed by Mount Vernon 95, Salem 66 and Marion 52.

Kaitlin Deters and Kara Schwinke won the title at No. 4 doubles with 39 points. Cheyenne Lueken and Allison Vogt were second with 26 points in the No. 1 doubles. At No. 2, Elena Breer and Holley Wright took second place with 34 points. Morgan Drees and Ashley Hemmen tallied 35 points to place second in the No. 3 doubles.

"The girls got off to a real slow start, but gained momentum as the day progressed," said T-town Coach Kaye Kimpling. "Unfortunately, this made it really tight at the end, but with some great personal effort by everyone they pulled out the win.

"Kara Schwinke was in her first varsity match and was undaunted as she played some good doubles with Kaitlin Deters. They looked as if they had been partners all season. Holley Wright and Elena Breer played tough and got some much needed points from the Carbondale team that included the No. 1 singles player in southern Illinois who had been whipping everyone all day. Morgan Drees and Ashley Hemmen came from behind in every match but their last one to pull out victories. Cheyenne Lueken and Allison Vogt struggled all day, but pulled out two
tough ones in their last two matches of the day. We didn’t have any special heroes today because they all were heroes as they dug in and got done what they needed to do to help the team."

No. 1 Doubles: Cheyenne Lueken and Allison Vogt, 26 points, 2nd place
Lost to Marisa Uhls/Katie Wall, Mt. Vernon 5-7
Tied Sam Eblin/Kylie Amerman, Salem 6-6
Def Simone Corpora/Erika Borgsmiller, Carbondale 7-5
Def Erica Pulley/Celeste Herrmann, Marion 8-4

No. 2 Doubles: Elena Breer and Holley Wright, 34 points, 2nd place
Def Jade Knox/Gauri Kaushal, Mt. Vernon 10-2
Def Ashley West/Shelby Holst, Salem 9-3
Lost to Shanaz Daneshdoost/Komal Chaundhry, Carbondale 5-7
Def Sherri Ross/Ally Bunecky, Marion 10-2

No. 3 Doubles: Morgan Drees and Ashley Hemmen, 35 points, 2nd place
Def Amanda Scott/Liz Hurst, Mt. Vernon 7-5
Def Amanda Jourdan/Ashley Brooks, Salem 9-3
Def. Alex Hiller/Laura Butler, Carbondale 8-4
Def. Alexis Williams/Vika Nolen, Marion 11-1

No. 4 Doubles: Kaitlin Deters and Kara Schwinke, 39 points, 1st place
Def. Kayla Burk/Abigail Windler, Mt. Vernon 9-3
Def. Julie Boeker/Sasha Maynard, Salem 11-1
Def. Arielle Jackson/Olivia Clark-Kittelson, Carbondale 7-5
Def. Marion 12-0