Hearts Pound Central, Area Softball Roundup


Published on April 15 2019 10:07 am
Last Updated on April 15 2019 12:35 pm
Written by Millie Lange

Effingham High School pounded Champaign Central in softball competition Friday, 23-3. The game ended in the fourth inning.

The Hearts had a 4-2 opening inning lead and led 8-2 after two. Central scored a run in the top of the third but the Hearts went on a tear, scoring 15 in the bottom of the frame.

Carsyn Fearday had four hits that included three singles, a home run and five RBI for the winners. Skyler Schafer had three doubles and three RBI while Emma Huss added three singles and Emma Budde three singles and two RBI. Jacy Boatman finished with two singles.

Jaidi Davis went three innings for the win, allowing two hits, three runs, one walk and two strikeouts.Taylor Armstrong went the final inning, allowing no hits and striking out one.

At Effingham

Central                20     1    0    --      3- 2-3

Effingham           44(15)    x    --    23-22-2

WP -- Davis. LP -- Williams.

Champaign Central -- Cribbett, single, 1 RBI; Sutton, single

Effingham -- Budde, 3 singles, 2 RBI; Douthit, single, 3 RBI; Fearday, 3 singles, home run, 5 RBI; Krouse, single, 1 RBI; Hardiek, single, 1 RBI; Bushur, single, 3 RBI; Davis, single, home run, 2 RBI; Boatman, 2 singles; Armstrong, single, 1 RBI; Schafer, single, 2 doubles, 3 RBI; Huss, 2 singles, double


At Kinmundy

South Central had a big weekend picking up a victory at Webster Field Friday over Dieterich and two wins Saturday to claim the Mulberry Grove Tournament.

The Cougars tallied a 10-0 win over Dieterich in National Trail Conference action. The Cougars banged out 12 hits led by Halle Smith with two singles, a double, home run and two RBI, Angelica Rivera with a single, double and two RBI, Katie Shumate with a double and an RBI and Sydnee Garrett and Kayli Swift with two singles and an RBI each.

South Central improves to 4-2 in the conference.

In the Mulberry Grove Tournament, South Central downed the host squad 8-2 behind 13 hits. Garrett had a single and double while Shumate had a single, double and three RBI, Swift a single, double and an RBI, Rivera a single, home run and an RBI and Malone a single, home run and two RBI.

In the second contest, South Central beat Neoga 9-7. The Cougars led 7-4 going into the seventh when Neoga tied the score in the bottom of the inning. South Central then scored two runs in the top of the eighth to pull out the victory.

Garrett had a double, home run and two RBI, Shumate a single, double and an RBI, Rivera two singles, a double and an RBI, Swift, two singles, a double and two RBI, Malone a single, double and an RBI and Smith a home run and two RBI.

South Central is now 11-3 overall.

Friday's Game

At Kinmundy

Dieterich                    000    00    --      0-  3-1

South Central            212    41    --    10-13-0

WP -- Garrett. LP -- none listed.

Dieterich -- no hits listed

South Central -- Smith, 2 singles, double, home run, 2 RBI; Garrett, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Shumate, double, 1 RBI; Rivera, single, double, 2 RBI; Swift, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Mahlone, 2 RBI; Hilmes, single, 1 RBI; Potter, single

Saturday's Games

Mulberry Grove Tournament

Game One

South Central               122    201    0    --    8-13-5

Mulberry Grove            010     000    1    --    2- 8-2

WP -- Smith. LP -- none listed.

South Central -- Smith, single; Garrett, single, double; Shumate, single, double, 3 RBI; Rivera, single, home run, 1 RBI; Swift, single, double, 1 RBI; Malone, single, home run, 2 RBI; Hilmes, single; Brown, single

Mulberry Grove -- no hits listed

Game Two

South Central               220    030    02    --    9-13-3

Neoga                           003    100    30    --    7-14-1

WP -- Garrett. LP -- none listed.

South Central -- Smith, home run, 2 RBI; Garrett, double, home run, 2 RBI; Shumate, single, double, 1 RBI; Rivera, 2 singles, double, 1 RBI; Swift, 2 singles, double, 2 RBI; Malone, single, double, 1 RBI; Geiler, single

Neoga -- no hits listed


At Flora

Teutopolis edged Flora in Friday action to improve to 5-5 on the season. The Wooden Shoes were 6-5 winners.

Both teams had 10 hits. The Shoes broke a 1-1 tie with a five-run fourth. Allie Brumleve led the Shoes with two singles, two doubles and two RBI while Karsyn Mette added a single, home run and an RBI and Lexie Niebrugge two singles and an RBI.

Brumleve was the winning pitcher allowing no walks and striking out eight.

At Flora

Teutopolis               001    500    0    --    6-10-2

Flora                        001    020    2    --    5-10-3

WP -- Brumleve. LP -- Carter.

Teutopolis -- Brumleve, 2 singles, 2 doubles, 2 RBI; Mette, single, home run, 1 RBI; Deters, single, 1 RBI; Gebben, single; Niebrugge, 2 singles, 1 RBI

Flora -- Himelick, single, triple; Goldman, 3 singles, 1 RBI; Allen, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Darrough, home run, 1 RBI; Wilson, single, 1 RBI; Henson, single


At Newton

Newton played host to Altamont and sent the Indians home with a 6-3 loss Friday. The Eagles took a 2-0 first inning lead and never looked back.

Brooke Jansen had a double and an RBI for the winners. Altamont outhit Newton by an 11-3 count but committed seven errors.

Leading Altamont was Abby Goeckner with a single and double, Olivia Williams, Olivia Eckhardt and Ellie McManaway with a two singles and an RBI each.

In Saturday action, Altamont competed in the Tuscola Invitational where they fell in all three contests.

The Indians lost to Clinton by an 8-5 count. Altamont had seven hits led by Tinley Mette with a single, triple, home run and two RBI and Eckhardt with two singles.

In the second game, Casey-Westfield won over the Indians, 14-1. Altamont had four hits, all singles by four different people.

In the final game, Oakwood edged the Indians, 4-3. The score was tied at 3-3 going into the seventh. Oakland tallied the winning run in the bottom of the seventh.

Altamont had only two hits, singles by Goeckner and Eckhardt. The Indians are now 6-10 on the season.

Friday's Game

At Newton

Altamont              000    003    0    --    3-11-7

Newton                200    040    x    --    6-  3-1

WP -- Hemrich. LP -- Teasley.

Altamont -- Grimsley, single; Ti. Mette, single; Goeckner, single, double; White, single; O. Williams, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Eckhardt, 2 singles, 1 RBI; McManaway, 2 singles, 1 RBI

Newton -- Kinder, single, 1 RBI; Jansen, double, 1 RBI; Meinhart, single

Tuscola Invitational

Game One

Altamont               131    00    --     5- 7-2

Clinton                  142    1x    --    8-11-1

WP -- Yost. LP -- Teasley.

Altamont -- Ti. Mette, single, triple, home run, 2 RBI; Eckhardt, 2 singles; Williams, single; Runge, single

Clinton -- Dial, single, double, 2 RBI; Clifton, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Tool, single; Yost, single, double; Maier, 2 singles, 2 RBI (two hits unacounted for).

Game Two

Casey-Westfield               245    3    --    14-11-1

Altamont                           010    0    --      1- 4-4

WP -- Braiser. LP -- Williams.

Casey-Westfield -- Gown, 2 singles, 3 RBI; Richardson, 2 singles, 3 RBI; E. Mason, triple, 2 RBI; Maulding, single, 2 RBI; H. Mason, 3 singles, 3 RBI; Zachary, 1 RBI; Riggleman, single; Repp, single

Altamont -- Goeckner, single; Teasley, single; Eckhardt, single; Williams, single; Schultz, 1 RBI

Game Three

Altamont                 110    010    0    --    3-2-1

Oakwood                000    120    1    --    4-6-3

WP -- Neuman. LP -- Teasley.

Altamont -- Goeckner, single; Eckhardt, single

Oakwood -- Neuman, double; Wells, 2 singles; Frerichs, single, 1 RBI; Shafer, single; Rupp, single, 2 RBI


At Ramsey

Windsor/Stewardson-Strasburg bounced its three opponents at the Ramsey Round Robin Saturday.

The Hatchets won over Hillsboro, 8-0 in five innings. Carson Cole and Ava Bennett had two singles each. Bennett added two RBI.

Megan Schlechte threw a four-hitter with one walk and 10 strikeouts.

In the second game, WSS trounced host Ramsey, 19-1 in four innings.

The Hatchets had 14 hits led by M. Schlechte with a double, triple, home run and five RBI, Karlie Bean with two doubles and two RBI, Maddy Pfeiffer with a single double and an RBI, Mackenzi Tabbert with a solo home run, Bennett with a single, double and two RBI and Natalie Hayes with a double.

In the final contest, the Hatchets edged Arthur-Lovington/Atwood-Hammond, 3-0 in seven innings.

WSS tallied all three runs in the fourth inning. The Hatchets had two hits, a triple by Tabbert and a single by Cole.

Bean picked up the win on the mound on a one-hitter with no walks and 18 strikeouts.

Ramsey Round Robin

Game One

Hillsboro                000    00    --    0-4-4

WSS                       201    14    --    8-7-1

WP -- M. Schlechte. LP -- Hanner.

Hillsboro -- Scheake, single; Hanner, single; Lyerk, single; Beck, single

Windsor/Stewardson-Strasburg -- Cole, 2 singles; M. Schlechte, single, 1 RBI; Tabbert, single, 2 RBI; Reynolds, 1 RBI; Bennett, 2 singles, 2 RBI; Pfeiffer, single, 1 RBI; Davis, 1 RBI

Game Two

WSS                    393    4    --    19-14-0

Ramsey              100    0    --      1-  4-1

WP -- A. Schlechte. LP -- Compton.

Windsor/Stewardson-Strasburg -- Cole, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Hayes, single, 1 RBI; M. Schlechte, double, triple, home run, 5 RBI; N. Hayes, double; Tabbert, home run, 1 RBI; Bennett, single, double, 2 RBI; Bean, 2 doubles, 2 RBI; Pfeiffer, single, double, 1 RBI

Ramsey -- Saunders, single, double; Compton, single, double, 1 RBI

Game Three

ALAH               000    000     0    --    0-1-0

WSS                 000    300     x    --    3-2-0

Wp -- Bean. LP -- Brown.

Arthur-Lovington/Atwood-Hammond -- Tinkle, single

Windsor/Stewardson-Strasburg -- Tabbert, triple, 1 RBI; Cole, single; M. Schlechte, 1 RBI; Reynolds, 1 RBI


At Greenville

Newton claimed two victories at Greenville Saturday.

The Eagles won over North Mac, 12-1 in six innings. Newton had 11 hits led by Maddi Hemrich with two singles, a double and two RBI, Payton Kinder with a single, double and an RBI, Brooke Jansen with a triple and three RBI, Josie Grunloh with a triple and an RBI, Josie Meinhart with a triple and Jacey Parr with a double and an RBI.

Emma Kidwell went all six innings, allowing one run on four hits, two walks and striking out three.

In the second game, Newton blanked Greenville 10-0 in five innings via the 10-run rule.

Hemrich threw the one-hitter with no walks and four strikeouts.

Newton had nine hits, five of those extra base hits. Hemrich had a single, triple and an RBI while Jansen had a single and triple, Parr a double and two RBI, Russell a double and three RBI and Grunloh a double.

At Greenville

Game One

Newton                   323    004    --    12-11-1

North Mac              000    100    --      1-  4-5

WP -- Kidwell. LP -- Lechner.

Newton -- Kinder, single, double, 1 RBI; Grunloh, triple, 1 RBI; Jansen, triple, 3 RBI; Hemrich, 2 singles, double, 2 RBI; Zumbahlen, single; Parr, double, 1 RBI; Russell, single, 1 RBI; Meinhart, triple

North Mac -- Meador, single, double; Buhl, 2 singles, 1 RBI

Game Two

Greenville              000    00    --      0-1-1

Newton                  080    2x    --    10-9-0

WP -- Hemrich. LP -- Long.

Greenville -- Unterbrink, single

Newton -- Kinder, single, 1 RBI; Grunloh, double; Jansen, single, triple; Russell, double, 3 RBI; Hemrich, single, triple, 1 RBI; Parr, double, 2 RBI; Meinhart, single, 1 RBI