Unit 40 Releases EHS Soccer Mitigation Plan


Published on March 17 2021 3:24 pm
Last Updated on March 17 2021 3:24 pm

Effingham High School Soccer Mitigations and Procedures

In accordance with IDPH and IHSA guidelines, Effingham High School has developed the following guidelines for our home soccer events at Effingham. It is our goal to hold all scheduled contests for our student-athletes. In order for this to occur, we need the full cooperation of visiting schools, all spectators, athletes, coaches, and officials with the requirements that are listed below. Please understand that requirements to conduct athletic events may change and we may be required to change our procedures for hosting events. If there are any changes to these procedures, we will communicate them through the school website and media as quickly as possible.

- It will be the responsibility of the visiting school to certify that their athletes and coaching staff are COVID-19 symptom free prior to arrival.

- No Admission will be charged.

- All visiting schools must follow the guidelines that have been set forth by the IDPH and IHSA in regards to participating in athletic contests. This includes coaches being masked at all times, players wearing masks as per their sport specific guidelines.

- Soccer Match

- We encourage all athletes to arrive dressed and ready to compete, with the exception of their game shoes. Locker rooms are not available at the facility.

-Player benches will be located on the east side of the field.

-All Players are responsible to bring their own water and are encouraged to bring a chair to sit in to allow for social distancing.

-We will allow home and visiting spectators at the Effingham High School Soccer field.

-We ask that the HOME Fans sit on the south side of the field midline while the VISITOR Fans all sit on the north side of the field midline.

- Fans should not arrive any earlier than twenty minutes prior to the scheduled start of the contests.

-Social Distancing will be required by families and everyone must wear a mask.

- Fans must bring their own chair to sit in to assist with social distancing requirements.

- By attending the contest, all spectators are certifying that they are COVID-19 symptom free. Once spectators arrive, please move to the seating location, set up your chairs and social distance yourselves by family.

- Spectators will be required to wear a mask while they are at any Effingham High School facility, whether indoors or outside.

- Concessions will not be available, but guests of athletes may bring in bottled water.

- Restroom facilities are available in the main sports complex building by the overpass during the month of March until the exterior water can be safely turned on. Once the water can be turned on safely in April, the restrooms near the maintenance building will be available.

- Contest officials must wear masks in accordance with IHSA guidelines.

-Effingham will not be streaming our soccer events.