Last Swim Meet for Effingham Red Tide


Published on August 9 2013 12:00 pm
Last Updated on August 9 2013 12:00 pm
Written by Millie Lange

The last swim meet of the season for Effingham Red Tide Swim Team was held Saturday, August 3 at Millstadt.The swimmers that attended the meet qualified at the Conference Swim Meet the week prior by scoring in the top six of their age group.The individuals that attended the meet and their results are:

8 and Under Girls:

Ella Niebrugge - 7th Backstroke, 10th Butterfly, 4th Breaststroke, 9th Freestyle, Elise Passalacqua - 14th Backstroke, 16th Butterfly, 5th Breaststroke, 19th Freestyle

8 and Under Boys:

Aidan Braunecker - 9th Backstroke, 5th Butterfly, 6th Breaststroke, 6th Freestyle, Eli Aden - 14th Backstroke, 12th Breaststroke, 10th Freestyle

9-10 Girls:

Kelsey Demers - 12th Individual Medley, 5th Backstroke, 14th Butterfly, 14th Freestyle, Olivia Eckhart - 13th Individual Medley, 7th Backstroke, 7th Breaststroke, 15th Freestyle, Ellie Waymoth - 15th Individual Medley, 6th Backstroke, 13th Breaststroke, 13th Freestyle, Chloe Aden - 29th Backstroke, 28th Breaststroke, 30th Freestyle

9-10 Boys:

Tyler Stuckemeyer - 2nd Individual Medley, 4th Backstroke, 4th Breaststroke, 6th Freestyle

11-12 Girls:

Kristy Hom - 6th Individual Medley, 11th Butterfly, 7th Breaststroke, 5th Freestyle, Emma Pitcher - 7th Individual Medley, 4th Butterfly, 2nd Breaststroke, 6th Freestyle, Savannah Grimes - 19th Individual Medley, 13th Backstroke, 11th Breaststroke, 18th Freestyle, Annika Koester - 20th Individual Medley, 15th Backstroke, 17th Breaststroke, 19th Freestyle

11-12 Boys:

Gavin Braunecker - 4th Individual Medley, 4th Backstroke, 4th Breaststroke, 5th Freestyle, Tate Niebrugge - 10th Individual Medley, 5th Backstroke, 6th Butterfly, 10th Freestyle, Spencer Demers - 15th Individual Medley, 10th Backstroke, 17th Butterfly, 21st Freestyle, Drew Perry - 21st Individual Medley, 18th Backstroke, 24th Freestyle, Austin Huebner - 22nd Individual Medley, 13th Backstroke, 18th Breaststroke, 26th Freestyle

13-14 Girls:

Brooke Stuckemeyer - 4th Individual Medley, 5th Backstroke, 5th Butterfly, 10th Freestyle, Nicole Homann - 19th Individual Medley, 14th Butterfly, 11th Breaststroke, 17th Freestyle, Claire Webb - 21st Individual Medley, 16th Backstroke, 19th Freestyle

13-14 Boys:

Tyler Homann - 2nd Individual Medley, 2nd Butterfly, 1st Breaststroke, 3rd Freestyle, Holden Arthur - 5th Individual Medley, 5th Butterfly, 2nd Breaststroke, 5th Freestyle

15-18 Girls:

Claire Niebrugge - 6th Individual Medley, 4th Butterfly, 1st Breaststroke, 6th Freestyle, Olivia Webb - 8th Individual Medley, 7th Backstroke, 5th Butterfly, 7th Freestyle