J.D. Finn, Ronnie Gillespie Double Winners As Altamont Co. Fair Harness Racing Gets Underway


Published on August 5 2013 7:28 am
Last Updated on August 5 2013 7:28 am
Written by Millie Lange

ALTAMONT -- Newton's Jared Finn and Ronnie Gillespie of Macon Miss., picked up two driver's wins and a second each as harness racing got underway Sunday at the Effingham County Fair before a huge crowd of racer goers.

Finn went the distance for the victory in the second race of the day, the Big 10 3-Year-Old Colt Trot. He drove Powerful Valor to the win in 2:05 1/5.

Then in the Illinois Conceived and Foaled 4-Year-Old and Up Horse/Gelding Pace, Fox Valley Barbosa gave Finn his second victory with a time of 2:03 2/5. Trainer for Fox Valley Barbosa is Altamont's Ray Hanna. Finn's second place finish came behind Annrenee in the ICF 4-Year-Old and Up Mare Pace. Gillespie won that race.

Finn and Gillespie took the early leads in the driver's standings. Gillespie is a former driving champion at the fair, winning the driver's championship in 2011.

Gillespie took M A Duty to victory in the third race of the afternoon, the Big 10 2-Year-Old Filly Pace in 2:05 1/5. Then in the Illinois Conceived and Foaled 4-Year-Old and Up Mare Pace, Gillespie went the distance in the sulky behind TJ's April Angel in 2:02 2/5.

Gillespie also had a second-place finish in the Big 10 2-Year-Old Colt Pace behind Surf's Up. Winning that race was Tower Power, driven by Freddie Patton Jr. to the win in 2:04 4/5.

Newton's J.D. Finn, another former driving champion in 1993 and 2007, started things off with a win in the first race of the day. In the Big 10 3-Year-Old Filly Trot, Finn guided High Stepper to victory in 2:05 3/5. Finn, who also trains the three-year-old, took the filly to her fourth win this season.

In the seventh race, the Free For All Trot, Division I, Lw Jaynie Flyer was a winner in 2:03 4/5. Cassidy Melloy drove the mare to the win and also is her trainer.

The final race went to Altamont's Kyle Husted. Husted took He's Lucky to the victory in 2:03 4/5. Pamela Coleman is the trainer for the seven-year-old gelding.

Racing continues today with post time scheduled for 1 p.m.

Effingham County Fair Harness Racing

Sunday's Results

Race One

Big 10 3-Year-Old Filly Trot

1. High Stepper (J.D. Finn), 2. Gumcorner Black (Eric Collier), 3. Fox Valley Shout (David Avenatti), 4. Gumcorner Sue (Delbert Burkett)

Time -- :31 2/5, 1:02, 1:35 1/5, 2:05 3/5.

Race Two

Big 10 3-Year-Old Colt Trot

1. Powerful Valor (Jared Finn), 2. Powerful Anthony (Douglas Graham), 3. Gonnagetya (Freddie Patton Jr.), 4. Balanced Game (J.D. Finn), 5. Agent Booth (Jack James)

Time -- :33, 1:05, 1:35 1/5, 2:05 1/5.

Race Three

Big 10 2-Year-Old Filly Pace

1. M A Duty (Ronnie Gillespie), 2. Amispicyorwhat (Michael Cox), 3. Tessa (Thomas Graham Jr.), 4. Shady Maple Hanna (Tom T. Tetrick), 5. Shootin To Win (Larry Binkley), 6. Yes Baby Yes (Mr. Carroll Hays), 7. I'm All Track (Adam Knicley)

Time -- :31 2/5, 1:01 4/5, 1:34, 2:05 1/5.

Race Four

Big 10 2-Year-Old Colt Pace

1. Tower Power (Freddie Patton Jr.), 2. Surf's Up (Ronnie Gillespie), 3. Overloaded (Tom Simmons), 4. Go Run N Tellthat (David Fagan), 5. Party's Gold (Jared Finn), 6. Bikini Watcher (Cornelius Cavett)

Time -- :29 3/5, 1:02, 1:34 3/5, 2:04 4/5.

Race Five

ICF 4-Year-Old and Up Mare Pace

1. Tj's April Angel (Ronnie Gillespie), 2. Annrenee (Jared Finn), 3. Mystical Mj (Tom Simmons), 4. Yippy (Kyle Husted), 5. Faith And Trust (Mr. Carroll Hays), 6. Tinkers Damn (Adam Knicley)

DNF -- Racy Traci Place (David Fagan).

Time -- :30 2/5, 1:01 4/5, 1:32 3/5, 2:02 2/5.

Race Six

ICF 4-Year-Old And Up Horse/Gelding Pace

1. Fox Valley Barbosa (Jared Finn), 2. Ss Tommy Turner (Tom Simmons), 3.  Richard Traci (Dane May), 4. Somuchcooleronline (Douglas Graham), 5. Fox Valley Mahalo (Kyle Husted)

Time -- :31 3/5, 1:03 3/4, 1:35 1/5, 2:03 2/5.

Race Seven

Free For All Trot, Division I

1. Lw Jaymie Flyer (Cassidy Melloy), 2. Fox Valley Sienna (David Avenatti), 3. Fort Riley (Catherine Rutherford), 4. Strong Kiss (Darla Martin), 5. Powerful Goddess (Michael Cox), 6. Frontier Quietriot (Wm. Larry Binkley)

Time -- :31 2/5, 1:01 3/5, 1:33, 2:03 4/5.

Race Eight

Free For All Trot, Division II

1. He's Lucky (Kyle Husted), 2. Toucan (Douglas Graham), 3. Moreagio (Catherine Rutherford), 4. Outrageous Speed (Darla Martin), 5. One High Game (Harold Caughran)

Time -- :31 2/5, 1:03, 1:34 3/5, 2:03 4/5.

Monday's Race Schedule

Race One

Big 10 2-Year-Old Trot

1. Dancinginthebreeze (David Fagan), 2. Bands Alexis (Ray Hanna), 3. Bessiebearcat (Eric Collier), 4. Vin (Thomas Graham Jr.)

Race Two

Big 10 3-Year-Old Filly Pace

1. Cruisin' The Nile (no driver listed), 2. Bc's Southern Bell (Michael Johnson), 3. Cranberry Muffler (J.D. Finn), 4. Queen Beatrice (Darla Martin), 5. Nice Party (no driver listed)

Race Three

Big 10 3-Year-Old Colt Pace

1. Party Cove (Tom Simmons), 2. Gram Legend (Thomas Graham Jr.), 3. Boss Henry (J.D. Finn), 4. Sadies Art (Tom T. Tetrick), 5. Fox Valley Dylan (no driver listed), 6. Slapyomomma (Freddie Patton Jr.)

Race Four

Filly & Mare Pace, Division I

1. Miss Kelley Lynne (Harold Finn Jr.), 2. Fox Valley Bravura (no driver listed), 3. Mach Made Her (Earl Avenatti Jr.), 4. Wild Berry Muffler (J.D. Finn), 5. Yankee Road (Dakota Birch)

Race Five

Filly & Mare Pace, Division II

1. Willing Heart (Harold Finn Jr.), 2. Grannie Nannie (David Fagan), 3. Fox Valley Bonita (no driver listed), 4. Prosper (Kyle Husted)