Need Info On Former Area Athletes


Published on April 15 2020 6:14 am
Last Updated on May 20 2020 6:01 am
Written by Millie Lange

Area Athletes 2020

(Thanks for all the athletes' names people have sent me. I have sent out emails to all the names twice that were sent to me. If you haven't seen a story on the athletes you have sent, please let me know. There are at least 17 names I have sent emails to and haven't heard back from them.)

Since sports have been canceled all over the country and in area junior high, high schools and colleges, I need something to do! So, how about finding out what former athletes have been doing since leaving the world of high school and college sports?

Here's where I need your help. Please send me names, school the athlete went to, phone numbers or email addresses and I'll take it from there. I'll get in touch with them, find out what's been going on since their high school and college days of playing sports.

I did articles on athletes many years ago that had graduated and their playing days were over and it was very interesting what jobs and families these athletes now have. Make sure you send an athlete that has been out of high school and college for at least five years. 

So, contact me here at the radio station by emailing me at or phoning me at 217-347-5518.