Three EHS Wrestlers Place at Tournament


Published on January 7 2019 10:47 am
Last Updated on January 7 2019 10:47 am
Written by Millie Lange

CARBONDALE -- Three Effingham High School wrestlers placed at the 58th Annual Murdale Wrestling Tournament Friday and Saturday.

Andrew Perry captured fourth place at the 152 pound division. Perry won with a pin in 3:14 then claimed another victory with a pin in 3:13. He then took a 5-0 decision. He followed that with two losses, 20-3 and 7-1 decisions to finish fourth.

Gage Franklin took fourth place at 182 pounds. Franklin captured two victories, a 14-8 decision and a pin in :45. He then picked up two losses with a pin in 1:02 and a pin in 1:44 to finish fourth.

Tyler Marschewski finished seventh. He had three wins with pins in 1:15, 1:41 and 3:10 and two losses with a pin in 5:07 and a 5-3 decision.

Murdale Tournament

At Carbondale

106 Pounds -- Seth Jones

Lost to Curtis (Olney), pin :21

Lost to Hobbs (Murfreesboro), pin :44

Lost to Sprowls (Herrin), pin 1:59

Lost to Russell (Cahokia), 7-6

113 Pounds -- Noah Prosser

Defeated Federico (Althoff), pin :27

Lost to Huskins (Marion), pin 1:17

Lost to Davis (Mount Vernon), pin 5:26

Defeated Jones (Murfreesboro), pin :47

Lost to Koerner (Mascoutah), pin 3:27

120 Pounds -- Megan Hanna

Lost to Bernal (Althoff), pin 1:27

Lost to Alshammari (Carbondale), pin :37

Lost to Heavens (Althoff), pin 4:43

Lost to Gilley (Marion), pin 1:46

120 Pounds -- Jamison Brown

Lost to Mitchell (Highland), pin :53

Lost to Kester (Anna-Jonesboro), pin 1:10

Lost to Hinman (Benton), pin 2:53

Lost to Gilley (Marion), pin 4:58

132 Pounds -- Colin Marschewski

Defeated Brownlee (Cahokia), pin 4:56

Lost to Brown (Bethalto Civic Memorial), pin 3:59

Defeated Slago (Mascoutah), pin 3:06

Defeated Graham (Lincoln), pin 3:59

Lost to Ramage (Anna-Jonesboro), pin 5:39

138 Pounds -- Erik Sills

Lost to Ball (Cahokia), pin :39

Lost to Wilcox (Goreville), 6-1

Lost to Smalley (Glenwood), pin 5:22

Lost to Bethel (Marion), pin 2:26

145 Pounds -- Kendall Ballman

Defeated Philips (Cahokia), pin 3:01

Lost to Ward (Carterville), 17-4

Defeated Daniels (Murfreesboro), pin 5:45

Defeated Abernathy (Marion), 9-1

Lost to Sweitzer (Lincoln), 3

145 Pounds -- Jon Perry

Defeated Kostal (Anna-Jonesboro), 5-0

Lost to Cavender (Harrisburgh), pin 2:33

Lost to Sweitzer (Lincoln), pin 1:42

Defeated McDowell (Olney), injury default

Defeanted Daniels (Murfreesboro), pin 4:13

152 Pounds -- Andrew Perry (Fourth Place)

Defeated Branson (Althoff), pin 3:14

Defeated Ligon (Benton), pin 3:13

Defeated Hosmon (Herrin), 5--0

Lost to Taylor (Carbondale), 20-3

Lost to Bechtold (Bethalto Civic Memorial), 7-1

152 Pounds -- Gabe Schuette

Lost to Tellefsen (Centralia), pin 3:32

Lost to Hernandez (Carterville), pin 3:00

Lost to Morris (Cahokia), pin 3:28

160 Pounds -- Tyler Marschewski (Seventh Place)

Defeated Tanner (Marion), pin 1:15

Defeated Mabry (Mascoutah), pin 1:41

Lost to Daly (Carbondale), pin 5:07

Lost to Hicks (Carterville), 5-3

Defeated Lingle (Anna-Jonesboro), pin 3:10

170 Pounds -- Wyatt Sparks

Lost to Braunagel (Althoff), pin 2:19

Lost to Coates (Herrin), 10-8

Lost to Tanwangco (Glenwood), pin :39

Defeated Eaton (Harrisburg), pin 2:53

182 pounds-- Gage Franklin (Fourth Place)

Defeated Parks (Marion), 14-8

Defeated Foster (Olney), pin :45

Lost to Marshall (Mount Zion), pin 1:02

Lost to Reed (Highland), pin 1:44

195 Pounds -- Zach Worman

Lost to Williams (Carterville), pin 1:05

Lost to Dowty (Olney), pin 1:30

Lost to Moreno (Marion), pin 3:46

220 Pounds -- Evan Evans

Defeated Williams (West Frankfort), 6-3

Lost to Bryant (Harrisburg), pin 5:40

Lost to Schmidt (Althoff), pin 3:19

285 Pounds -- Ethan Huss

Lost to Flavin (Glenwood), 3-2

Lost to Gunter (West Frankfort), pin 1:39

Defeated Kennedy (Lincoln), 4-0

Defeated James (Marion), pin 1:35

285 Pounds -- Marcus Hites

Lost to Brownlee (Cahokia), pin 1:20

Defeated VonBorrie (Althoff), pin :57

Lost to Fricke (Mascoutah), pin 3:54

Won injury default over Smolak (Carterville)