EHS Competes in Murdale Wrestling Invitational


Published on January 9 2017 9:20 am
Last Updated on January 9 2017 10:12 am
Written by Millie Lange

CARBONDALE -- Effingham High School competed in the Murdale Wrestling Invitational at Carbondale during the weekend.

Brandon Marschewski captured third place at 145 pounds. Marschewski pinned his first two opponents then took a 2-1 decision. He fell in his fourth contest with a pin in 3:26. Marschewski then came back with a pin in 5:00 for third place.

The Hearts next match is Thursday hosting Fairfield.

EHS results are as follows:

120 -- Michael Cross

Defeated Josh Humbert (Belleville Althoff), pin 1:44

Lost to Anthony Federico (Belleville Althoff), pin :48

Defeated Joe Ellis (Carterville), pin 3:31

Lost to Will Walton (Mount Vernon), pin :26

Lost to Jordan Miller (Olney), pin 1:03

126 -- Zach Keitel

Lost to Maurus Simmons (Murphysboro), pin 3:20

Lost to Mikel Ent (Glenwood), pin 3:09

Lost to Clayton Ramage (Anna-Jonesboro), 11-0

Defeated Zion Wilhite (East St. Louis), 14-11

132 -- Brody Beck

Defeated Justin Miller (Fairfield), pin :46

Lost to Max Kristoff (Belleville Althoff), pin 2:29

Lost to Cameron Martin (Sparta), pin 4:36

Defeated Riley Kind (Marion), 9-2

132 -- Kendall Ballman

Lost to Nate Kisat (Anna-Jonesboro), 16-1

Lost to Tristian Mick (Murphysboro), pin 2:29

Defeated Micah Julian (West Frankfort), 9-8

Defeated Brennan Rouse (Paducah), pin 1:35

Lost to Logan Rauch (Mount Zion), 5-0

138 -- Tyler Marschewski

Defeated Asher Hugher (Mount Vernon), 12-0

Lost to Oliver Davis (Benton), pin 3:43

Lost to Dylan Raegan (Herrin), pin 5:58

Lost to Mason Geiger (Herrin), 9-3

Defeated Noah Bielecki (Fairfield), 19-0

145 -- Brandon Marschewski

Defeated Caleb Gaylor (West Frankfort), pin 1:54

Defeated Dylan Emery (Herrin), pin :34

Defeated Aron Taylor (Carbondale), 2-1

Lost to Garrick Walker (Glenwood), pin 3:26

Defeated Steven Pence (Olney), pin 5:00

152 -- Andrew Perry

Lost to Eian McIntire (Bethalto Civic Memorial), 10-1

Defeated Andrew Martin (Benton), 2-0

Lost to Gavin Harrison (Herrin), 7-3

Lost to Vincent Perry (Cahokia), 7-4

160 -- Brett Hodges

Lost to Adam Mueller (Centralia), 3-2

Defeated Gage Franklin (Effingham), 6-0

Lost to Ryder Hales (Carbondale), 16-5

Lost to Damion Ross (East St. Louis), 10-3

160 --  Zane Thilker

Lost to Brandon Copeland (Bethalto Civic Memorial), pin 3:39

Defeated Jeremiah Fitzjerrells (Mount Vernon), 18-9

Defeated Logan Crumly (Glenwood), pin 5:09

Defeated Damion Ross (East St. Louis), 6-5

Lost to  Ryder hales (Carbondale), pin 4:54

160 -- Gage Franklin

Lost to Huntr Summitt (Olney), pin 2:41

Defeated Jaron Picklesmeir (Benton), pin 3:47

Lost to Brett Hodges (Effingham), 6-0

Lost to Kijah Banda (Sparta), pin :51

Lost to Logan Crumley (Glenwood), pin 5:24

170 -- Jarrett Jones

Lost to Christian Zuccarelli (Highland), 4-3

Defeated Will Davis (Bethalto Civic Memorial), pin :52

Lost to Nate Bowling (Mount Zion), pin 5:39

Defeated Terrance Hill (Effingham), pin 3:06

170 -- Terrance Hill

Lost to Robbie Hanson (Glenwood), pin 4:56

Defeated Cortez Nesbitt (Sparta), pin 3:15

Defeated Damion Hill (Centralia), pin 4:36

Lost to Conner Eaton (West Frankfort), 22-7

Lost to Jarrett Jones (Effingham), pin 3:06

182 -- Tanner Loy

Defeated Isaac Evans (Sparta), pin :38

Lost to Cameron Flanagan (Olney), pin 1:29

Lost to  Theron Stewart (Fairfield), pin 2:22

195 --  Zach Worman

Lost to Danny Brownlee (Cahokia), pin :29

Lost to Conner McDannel (Mount Vernon), pin 2:36

Lost to Hunter Jackson (Harrisburg), pin 1;03

Lostd to Trenton Overturf (West Frankfort), pin 1:27

220 -- Trevyr Mays

Lost to Clayton Sheldon (Sparta), pin 1:09

Lost to Michael Stockton (Carbondale), pin 1:38

Lost to Andrew McEllighot (Belleville Althoff), pin 2:42

Lost to Jacob Hixon (Olney), pin 5:09

285 -- Dylan Lonngren

Defeated Jacob Coulter (Olney), pin 4:26

Lost to Nick Mimenez (Anna-Jonsboro), pin 1:00

Lost to Frank Mannie, Jr. (Herrin), pin 2:43

Lost tto Jason Dabyns (Sparta), 5-4

Defeated T.J. Johnson (Marion), pin 1:58