Cal Ripken League from Friday, May 9


Published on May 10 2014 7:25 am
Last Updated on May 14 2014 2:50 am
Written by Greg Sapp

Kingery Printing and Rhodes to Health Chiropractic posted wins Friday in Khoury League action.

Kingery Printing won over Dairy Queen 8-5.  Tim Moore got the win, Aiden Beck took the loss.

For Kingery Printing: Kalen Reardon--single; Tim Moore--two singles; Jarod Kollman--single, RBI; Tanner Stephens--two singles, RBI; Dylan Evans--triple and single; Logan Kersey--single, RBI

For Dairy Queen: Austin Faber--single; Jacob Brueggeman--single, RBI; Kennan Walsh--triple and single; Nathan Barnes--single


Rhodes to Health defeated Kemper CPA Group 8-4.

For Rhodes to Health: Parker Wolfe--two singles; Luke Rudolphi--single, RBI; Max Woelfer--single, RBI; Nathan Lohman--single; Brayton Poland--single, RBI

For Kemper CPA Group: Sam Thompson--double and single, RBI; Colin Fielitz--single; Kaleb Boyland--single