Lions Sticking by Coach Patricia


Published on May 10 2018 6:25 am
Last Updated on May 10 2018 6:26 am

A story has surfaced that newly-hired Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia was accused of sexual assault while on spring break in South Padre Island, Texas, in 1996.

The team is sticking by Patricia, who denies the allegations and notes the charges were dismissed by the prosecutor at the request of the accuser.

Navarro Reaches Out to Manning

It’s reported that billionaire Ben Navarro has reached out to Peyton Manning to be part of a group attempting to purchase the Carolina Panthers. No word yet from Manning.

Marshall Will Report to Seahawks

Free-agent wide receiver Brandon Marshall will reportedly visit with the Seattle Seahawks. It’ll be the first team Marshall has visited since being released by the New York Giants with a failed physical designation.