St. A. Boys Finish 11th, Girls Finish 14th at Junior High X-C State Meets


Published on October 16 2017 2:02 pm
Last Updated on October 16 2017 2:03 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

St. Anthony's junior high cross country teams fared well in State Tournament action on Saturday.

St. Anthony's boys finished 11th, while the girls finished 14th. Cowden-Herrick/Beecher City finished 21st at the boys meet.

In Class 2A, Jasper County's boys finished 27th

Here's how St. Anthony's boys finished: 6th grader Aiden Braunecker 51st, 11:46.2; 7th grader Conlan Walsh 82nd, 11:59.8; 7th grader Griffen Elder 93rd, 12:06.1; 7th grader Nick Wiedman 108th, 12:16.9; 8th grader Kevin Canales-Gonzalez 114th, 12:22; 6th grader Drew Hanfland 127th, 12:30.1; 8th grader George Scheidemantel 144th, 12:37.8.

Here's how St. Anthony's girls finished: 8th grader Riley Guy 17th, 12:19.4; 7th grader Anna Faber 92nd, 13:35.5; 8th grader Evie Strullmyer 119th, 13:49.2; 6th grader Emma Helmink 136th, 14:00.4; 6th grader Allison Geen 153rd, 14:10.4; 8th grader Ellie Wegman 190th, 14:47.7; 6th grader Grace Niebrugge 208th, 15:19.7.

Here's how CHBC's boys finished: 8th grader Bryor Rhodes 32nd, 11:31.1; 7th grader Kenny Robbins 80th, 11:59.2; 8th grader Jason Baylis 140th, 12:35.3; 8th grader Jadon Robertson 147th, 12:38.7; 7th grader Jarrett Thompson 199th, 13:19.9; 6th grader Zander Merrifield 202nd, 13:21.2; 6th grader Gage Lorton 233rd, 16:02.2. 

Here's how CHBC's 8th grader, running as an individual, finished: Haley Bartels 106th, 13:41.8. 

Here's how Jasper County's boys finished: 8th grader Ben Meinhart 72nd, 11:44; 7th grader Clay Bergbower 185th, 12:38.9; 7th grader Owen Mahaffey 200th, 12:55.3; 6th grader Luke Weber 205th, 13:05.4; 7th grader Gage Reynolds 218th, 13:22.5; 6th grader Brock Probst 220th, 13:24.6; 6th grader Caden Nichols 221st, 13:25.5.

Here's how Cumberland's boy running as an individual fared: 8th grader Wiley Peters 126th, 12:09.2.