Dieterich Wins Boys Dual w/North Clay


Published on September 27 2017 4:13 pm
Last Updated on September 27 2017 4:13 pm
Written by Greg Sapp

Dieterich won a dual boys meet with North Clay Tuesday, 18-45.

Dieterich took nine of the top 10 spots. 

Ryan Radloff won the meet in 17:23. 2nd--Seth Bohnhoff, 17:54; 3rd--Coy Crull of Newton, 18:24; 4th--Tyler Abbott, 19:22; 5th--Ethan Kidd, 19:24; 6th--Brett Mahnke, 19:55; 7th--Collin Hartke, 20:05; 8th--Kyle Ordner, 20:50; 9th--Jared Sparling, 21:00; 10th--Wyatt Bloemer, 21:00; 11th--Ian Bailey of Newton, 21:43; 12th--Trey Smith of Newton, 21:46; 13th--Brandon Mahnke, 22:23, 14th--Austin Huber--24:02; 15th--Benjamin Solheim of Newton, 24:04; 16th--Blaine Niebrugge--24:07; 17th--Tice Smith of Newton, 24:25; 18th--Clint Holkenbrink of Newton, 25:01

There were no team scores kept, but girls from Dieterich and Newton ran in the meet. Gracie Britton of Dieterich had the top time of 21:52. Also, Kaitlyn Bloemer of Dieterich, 22:04; Kyla Johnson of Dieterich, 23:52; Giovanna Belelli of Newton, 24:49; Andrea Bierman of Dieterich, 25:09; Hanano Ashida of Newton, 25:24; Faith Aherin of Dieterich, 25:56; Kelsey Fletcher of Dieterich, 34;33.