Effingham Post 120 In Weekend Action, St. Anthony, T-town Split Wins


Published on July 8 2013 9:19 am
Last Updated on July 8 2013 1:03 pm
Written by Millie Lange

Effingham Post 120 Seniors split victories with Patoka in action during the weekend. The Seniors defeated Patoka 8-5 and fell 2-0.

Effingham stepped out to a 4-0 lead in the first inning and held off a final two inning challenge by Patoka for the 8-5 win. Quandt had three isngles and drove in a run for the winners while WRight had a single, doubel and an RBI and McDonald a double.

In the other contest, Effingham's bats went quiet in the 2-0 loss. Effingham had only four hits led by Ruckman with two singles. Patoka tallied its two runs in the third and sixth innings.

At Patoka

Game One

Effingham Post 120          420    001    1    --    8-9-2

Patoka                                000    002    3    --    5-8-3

WP -- Quandt. S -- Frey.

Effingham Post 120 -- McDonald, double; Quandt, 3 singles, 1 RBI; Wright, single, double, 1 RBI; Levitt, single, 1 RBI; Ruckman, single, 1 RBI; Walker, single, 1 RBI

Game Two

Effingham          000    000    0    --    0-4-2

Patoka                001    001    x    --    2-5-2

Effingham Post 120 -- McDonald, single; Wright, single; Ruckman, 2 singles

Effingham Post 120 Seniors defeated Olney 5-2 but dropped a 7-4 contest.

In the victory, Effingham took a 1-0 first inning lead and held off Olney in the final inning for the 5-2 win. Effingham had 10 hits in the contest led by Levitt with a single and a double, Quandt with two singles and two RBI and Walker with a double.

In the second game, Olney took a 2-0 lead, tacked on three in the second and went on for the 7-4 victory behind five hits and five Effingham errors.

Effingham had four hits, all singles by four different players.

At Olney

Game One

Effingham           130    010    0    --    5-10-3

Olney                   000    000    2    --    2- 6-1

WP -- Levitt. LP -- Eagleson.

Efifngham Post 120 -- Quandt, 2 singles, 2 RBI; Levitt, single, double; Heuerman, single; Walker, double; Mahaffey, single; Albin, single; Wright, single, 1 RBI; Frey, single

Olney -- Runyon, single; Wyatt, single; Eagleson, single; Kuhlig, single; Knepper, single, 1 RBI; Craig, single; Bailey, 1 RBI

Game Two

Effingham Post 120          000    004    0    --    4-4-5

Olney                                  230    110    x    --    7-5-0

WP -- Craig. LP -- Traub.

Effingham Post 120 -- Quandt, single, 1 RBI; Wright, single; Ruckman, single, 1 RBI; Levitt, 1 RBI; Walker, single, 1 RBI

Olney -- Runyon, 2 singles; Chestnutt, 1 RBI; Wyatt, single, double, 3 RBI: Eagleson, 1 RBI; Buscher, single


In Junior Legion action, Effingham won over Altamont 2-1 and 5-3.  In the 2-1 victory, Post 120 trailed Altamont 1-0 until the fourth then brought home two runs for the victory. Effingham had three hits, all singles, by Koester, Burhmann and White. Altamont was led by Guerrettaz with a double.

In the second game, Altamont again took the lead but Effingham came back with four runs in the top of the seventh to pull out the 5-3 win.

Effingham had four hits, again all singles, by Koester, Bohnhoff, Poland and Martin. Bohnhoff and Poland had an RBI each. Altamont was led by Goeckner with a double and an RBI.

At Altamont

Game One

Effingham Post 120          000    200    00    --    2-3-3

Altamont                             010    000    00    --    1-3-3

WP -- Barnes. LP -- Armstrong.

Effingham Post 120 -- Koester, single; Buhrmann, single; White, single

Altamont -- Armstrong, single; Guerrettaz, double; Helmuth, single

Game Two

Effingham Post 120          000    001    40    --    5-4-1

Altamont                             110    000    00    --    3-2-4

(Altamont linescore lists two runs while three runs are listed as a final)

WP -- Woltman. LP -- Guerrettaz.

Effingham Post 120 -- Koester, single; Bohnhoff, single, 1 RBI; Poland, single, 1 RBI; Martin, single, 2 RBI

Altamont -- Miller, single; Goeckner, double, 1 RBI; Whitt, 1 RBI


St. Anthony split victories with Shelby County Posts 289/611/725. St. Anthony edged Shelby County 5-4, scoring four runs in the fifth inning after trailing 4-1.

St. Anthony was led in hitting by Ben Hecht with a single, double and three RBI. Neil Williams and Braden Puckett had two singles and an RBI each.

Shelby County was led by Luke Hatfield and Hayden Cole with a home run each. Hatfield finished with two RBI and Cole one RBI. Neil Yockey added two singles and an RBI.

Shelby County captured an 8-6 victory in 10 innings. St. Anthony held a 6-3 lead after three innings but Shelby County came back with three runs in the seventh and ended with two in the 10th to pull out the win.

Hatfield had another home run for the winners and two RBI while Michael Baker had a single, double and two RBI and Christian Vonderheide a double.

St. Anthony was led by Hecht with a single, double and an RBI and Jacob Lorenz and Eric Gertner with two singles each.

At St. Anthony

Game One

Shelby County Posts 289/611/725          013    000    0    --    4-5

St. Anthony                                                  001    040    x    --    5-8

WP -- Hoelscher. LP -- Helton.

Shelby County Posts 289/611/725 -- Vonderheide, single; Yockey, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Hatfield, home run, 2 RBI; Cole, home run, 1 RBI

St. Anthony -- Having, single; Williams, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Hecht, single, double, 3 RBI; Puckett, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Martelli, single

Game Two

Shelby County Posts 289/611/725          210    000    300    2    --    8-  9

St. Anthony                                                  402    000    000    0    --    6-10

WP -- White. LP -- Gardewine.

Shelby County Posts 289/611/725 -- Vonderheide, double; Yockey, single; Thies, 2 singles; Hatfield, home run, 2 RBI; Baker, single, double, 2 RBI; Miller, single; Moore, single

St. Anthony -- Having, single; Lorenz, single, double, 1 RBI; Hecht, single, double, 1 RBI; Dasenbrock, single, 2 RBI; Ritz, single, 1 RBI; Hoelscher, single, 2 RBI; Gertner, 2 singles


Teutopolis and Shelby County Posts 289/611/725 split wins in Sunday action.

Teutopolis Post 924 won 12-5, scoring six runs in the third inning to break a 1-1 tie. Teutopolis had five extra base hits in the contest.

Justin Kenter had a home run and drove in two runs while Reed Hardiek had a single, double and two RBI, Austin Hartke two singles, a double and an RBI, John Ungrund a single, double and two RBI and Tommy Flach a double.

Shelby County was led by Luke Hatfield with a single, two doubles and two RBI, Gunner Thies with a double and an RBI and Neil Yockey and Jake Keown with two singles each.

In the second game, Shelby County won 4-2. Shelby County held a 4-0 lead until the seventh when T-town scored its only runs.

Shelby County had four doubles in the game led by Hatfield with a single, double and two RBI, Yockey with a single, double and one RBI, Andrew Hawkins with a double and Keown with a double.

T-town had six hits, all singles by six different players.

At Shelbyville

Game One

Teutopolis Post 924                                     001    612    20    --    12-11

Shelby County Posts 289/611/725           001    020    2x    --      5-11

WP -- Will. LP -- Baker.

Teutopolis Post 924 -- Flach, double; Will, single, 2 RBI; Hardiek, single, double, 2 RBI; Probst, 1 RBI; Kenter, home run, 2 RBI; Thoele, single; Hartke, 2 singles, double, 1 RBI; Ungrund, single, double, 2 RBI

Shelby County Posts 289/611/725 -- Yockey, 2 singles; Keown, 2 singles; Theis, double, 1 RBI; Vonderheide, single; Hatfield, single, 2 doubles, 2 RBI; Hawkins, 1 RBI; White, single; Helton, single

Game Two

Teutopolisi Post 924                                    000    000    2    --    2-6

Shelby County POsts 289/611/725          010    210    x    --    4-8

WP -- Vonderheide. LP -- Probst.

Teutopolis Post 924 -- Will, single, 1 RBI; Probst, single; Gillespie, single; Thoele, single; Bloemer, single; Ungrund, single, 1 RBI

Shelby County Posts 289/611/725 -- Vonderheide, single; Keown, double; Thies, single; Hatfield, single, double, 2 RBI; Hawkins, double; Yockey, single, double, 1 RBI; Baker, 1 RBI