TSKL, Prep, Cal Ripken, Junior Roundup -- June 24


Published on June 25 2013 9:27 am
Last Updated on June 25 2013 9:27 am
Written by Millie Lange


Prime Sole took a 2-0 lead on Dan Hecht and went on for an 11-6 victory in action Monday evening at Community Park.

Prime Sole had nine hits in the contest led by Ty Wiedman with a single, double and two RBI and Matt Hunzinger with a single, triple and three RBI. Zack McCabe had two singles and two RBI for Dan Hecht.

In the second contest, Scott Mosher Country Financial downed Rotary Club 12-6 behind seven hits. Joe Matteson pitched a five-hitter. Matteson had three singles and four RBI while Will had a single, double and three RBI and Moeller a single and double.

At Community Park

Game One

Prime Sole           204    41    --    11-9-0

Dan Hecht           002    40    --      6-7-0

WP -- Matt Hunzinger. LP -- Kaden Pemberton.

Prime Sole -- Ty Wiedman, single, double, 2 RBI; Nathan Barnes, single, 1 RBI; Jonathan Zerrusen, single, 2 RBI; Jake Utz, single; Matt Hunzinger, single, home run, 3 RBI; Max Nelson, single, 1 RBI; Eli Link, single, 1 RBI; George Schimmater, 1 RBI

Dan Hecht -- Kaden Pemberton, double; Zack McCabe, 2 singles, 2 RBI; Noah Jones, 1 RBI; Brennan Beck, single, 1 RBI; Adam Brandenburger, double; Trey Brummer, 1 RBI; Thomas Chojnicki, single; Jordyn Holman, single, 1 RBI

Game Two

Soctt Mosher          005    43    --    12-7-0

Rotary Club             302    01    --      6-5-0

WP -- Joe Matteson. LP -- Tyler Budde.

Scott Mosher Country Financial -- Matteson, 3 singles, 4 RBI; Will, single, double, 3 RBI; Moeller, single, double; Briggerman, 3 RBI; Devore, 1 RBI; Sherrod, 1 RBI

Rotary Club -- Budde, single; Wolfe, single; Walden, 1 RBI; Baughman, 1 RBI; Coleman, single, 3 RBI; Nuxoll, single; Sparr, 1 RBI; Allen, single



Taylor Law Offices scored two runs in the sixth to pull out a 5-4 win over Effingham Asphalt.

Taylor Law had only three hits in the game but Asphalt helped out with six errors. Hits were singles by Blake Lohman, Brett Koester and Derek Krueger. Alec Morrisey led Effingham Asphalt with a single, triple and two RBI.

In the second contest, Niemerg Construction edged Tingley Insurance 7-6. Tingley held a 6-5 lead going into the bottom of the sixth when Niemerg scored the tying and winning runs.

Adam Levitt pitched a a four-hitter. Niemerg had five singles by five different players.

At Evergreen Hollow Park

Game One

Taylor Law Offices          200    102    0    --    5-3-2

Effingham Asphalt          002    101    0    --    4-6-6

WP -- Bryce Lohman. LP -- Alec Morrisey.

Taylor Law Offices -- Bryce Lohman, 1 RBI; Blake Lohman, single, 1 RBI; Brett Koester, single, 2 RBI; Derek Krueger, single

Effingham Asphalt -- Bryson Cutts, single; Lance Jewell, single; Ryan Radloff, single, 1 RBI; Alec Morrisey, single, triple, 2 RBI; Kaleb Blake, single, 1 RBI

Game Two

Tingley Insurance                   201    003    --    6-4-1

Niemerg Construction            110    122    --    7-5-6

WP -- Adam Levitt. LP -- Paul Thoele.

Tingley Insurance --  Ryan Sandifer, single, triple, 1 RBI; Derek Krueger, single, 2 RBI; Clayton Helmink, single

Niemerg Construction -- Wyatt Sparr, single; Jeff Stoldt, single; Jacob Zimmerman, single, 1 RBI; Ryan Matheny, single; Christopher Heiman, single, 1 RBI



Kingery Printing jumped out to a 5-0 first inning lead and went on for a 14-1 win over Schumacher Orthodontics.

Chase Thies pitched a no-hitter while Kingery had 13 hits in the contest. Thies had two doubles, a solo home run and finished with three RBI. Jared Hoene and Tanner Gordon had two doubles and two RBI each while Aaron Webb, Waylon Kollman and Will Niebrugge had a double each. Kollman added an RBI.

In the second contest Dairy Queen took a 6-0 first inning lead and claimed a 14-3 win behind seven hits.

Luke Ludwig pitched a three-hitter. Hunter Stephens had two doubles and three RBI while Noah Teasley had a single, double and two RBI and Luke Sparks had a double and two RBI.

At Community Park

Game One

Kingery Printing                             533    30    --  14-13

Schumacher Orthodontics           001    00    --     1-  0

WP -- Chase Thies. LP -- Kendall Tabbert.

Kingery Printing -- Aaron Webb, double; Tanner Gordon, 2 doubles, 2 RBI; Chase Thies, 2 doubles, home run (none on), 3 RBI; Mitch Hemmen, single, 2 RBI; Gavin Braunecker, 2 singles; Jared Hoene, 2 doubles, 2 RBI; Waylon Kollman, double, 1 RBI; Will Niebrugge, double; Tim Moore, 1 RBI

Schumacher Orthodontics -- no hits

Game Two

Dairy Queen          604    06    --    14-7

Kemper CPA          020    01    --      3-3

(Dairy Queen linescore adds up to 16 while 14 listed as final on scoresheet turned in)

WP -- Luke Ludwig. LP -- Cole Bushue.

Dairy Queen -- Aiden Beck, single; Luke Ludwig, 1 RBI; Luke Sparks, single, 2 RBI; Hunter Stephens, 2 doubles, 3 RBI; Noah Teasley, single, double, 2 RBI; Josiah Bozdech, single; Jacob Blanchette, 2 RBI

Kemper CPA -- Luke Spencer, single; Dylan Guy, single; Lane Koester, single, 2 RBI



K. Wohltman Construction handed Sehy & Jones a 6-4 loss with a 3-0 first inning lead.

Landon Feezel picked up the four-hit pitching win. Sehy & Jones committed five errors.

Reilly Mathenia had a single, double and drove in three runs for the winners. Matt Koester had a double and an RBI for Sehy & Jones.

In the second game, Tri-Power Towing edged Trophies Unlimited 10-9. Trophies held a 6-5 lead in the first inning but Tri-Power came back with three runs in the second and two in the fifth. Trophies comeback bid in the sixth fell short.

Brian Ritz had the lone extra base hit for Tri-Power with a double and an RBI. John Kreke had three singles and an RBI for Trophies Unlimited while Tyler Westendorf and Matt Koester had a double each. Koester drove in three runs while Westendorf had one RBI.

At Community Park

Game One

K. Wohltman Construction          301    101    --    6-5-0

Sehy & Jones                                  002    101    --    4-4-5

WP -- Landon Feezel. LP -- Donovan Hammer.

K. Wohltman Construction -- Jacob Dust, double; Josh Overbeck, 1 RBI; Reilly Mathenia, single, double, 3 RBI: Braden Puckett, single, 1 RBI; Mason Thomas, single, 1 RBI

Sehy & Jones -- Donovan Hammer, 2 singles; Matt Koester, double, 1 RBI; Taylor Norton, single, 1 RBI

Game Two

Trophies Unlimited           600    012    --      9-10-2

Tri-Power Towing            530    02x    --    10-  5-0

WP -- Mat Weber. LP -- John Kreke.

Trophies Unlimited -- John Kreke, 3 singles, 1 RBI; Tyler Westendorf, double, 1 RBI; Blake Field, 2 singles, 1 RBI; Matt Koester, double, 3 RBI; Ryan Kremer, single; Ryan Kruger, single, 1 RBI; Chris Cole, single, 2 RBI

Tri-Power Towing -- Mat Weber, 2 RBI; Kyle McMahon, single, 1 RBI; Brian Ritz, double, 1 RBI; Carson Hartke, single, 1 RBI; Ethan Greene, single; Caleb Martin, 2 RBI; Craig McDaniel, single